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Novus International, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, creates animal nutrition solutions for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Novus operations include corporate offices, research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities in more than 35 countries, as well as smaller office...
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In an interview with Engormix during IPPE 2020, David Briner -senior product manager for minerals, Novus International- explains how Novus’s highly bioavailable chelated trace minerals optimize key production parameters compared to other mineral sources.
News published on March 2, 2020
Perspectives and knowledge from industry’s top minds included in Novus International’s free publication SAINT CHARLES, MO (February 24, 2020) --Thanks to selective breeding, hyperprolific sows – those capable of birthing 30 or more piglets a year -- are gaining in popularity among swine producers. But with their productivity comes challenges: low birth weight and piglet mortalit ...
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Video published on February 10, 2020
Scott Hine -vice president of products and solutions, CIO, Novus International- speaks about the feed quality products: SANTOQUIN®, to protect feed ingredients and prolongs nutritional shelf life in complete feed, and FORMYCINE®, preservative pre-mix and powerful source of raw material and finished feed protection, during IPPE 2020
News published on January 9, 2020
SAINT CHARLES, MO (January 9, 2019) – Novus International, Inc., is returning to Atlanta, Georgia later this month to share research insights and product case studies during the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE), January 28-30 at the Georgia World Congress Center. A global leader in health and nutrition solutions for the animal agriculture industry, Novus International ann ...
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Video published on February 24, 2019
Scott Hine, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus International, speaks to Engormix about the continuation of the campaign “Pushing Boundaries,” during IPPE 2019. Hine said that it is by “Pushing Boundaries” that Novus brings innovative products and research-supported solutions and applications to the animal nutrition industry.
News published on January 16, 2019
Gut health and application processes are key topics from the global nutrition and health company ST. LOUIS, MO (January 14, 2019) – As a global leader in the field of poultry nutrition and health, scientists at Novus International, Inc. are constantly seeking new ways to optimize animal performance, maximize sustainability, and help meet customer needs and respond to consumer demands. Nex ...
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Article published the February 21, 2018
  Scott Hine, Vice President of Products & Solutions and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus, summarizes the mains points of "Pushing Boundaries” at IPPE 2018. Novus International focused on three areas where poultry producers can maximize profitability: gut health, meat quality, and epigenetics. Click here to read more about "Pushing Boundaries”.
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News published on January 30, 2018
Nutritional Strategies Addressing Poultry Gut Health, Meat Quality and Epigenetics Showcased at International Production and Processing Expo   ATLANTA (January 30, 2018) – Novus International, Inc. will kick off the year by showcasing its latest nutrition strategies at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, USA today. “Creative and effective innov ...
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Video published on August 3, 2017
Scott Hine, Vice President, Products and Solutions and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus International, explained how Novus is always looking for innovation, research and product development opportunities that achieve differentiated, industry-relevant solutions, at the PSA 2017 annual meeting in Orlando, USA.
Video published on February 15, 2017
Scott Hine, Vice President of Products & Solutions and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus, offers insight on Novus’s approach to nutrition research, including specific areas, such as gut health and epigenetics, for addressing common production challenges.
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