Video published on May 16, 2016
AVIMATRIX® is an innovative feed solution which supports poultry producers to achieve maximum bird performance in an effective and sustainable way. AVIMATRIX contains a unique blend of nature identical flavouring compounds including benzoic acid proven to have stabilizing effects on gut microflora. It specifically acts on the lower gut environment through a targeted release of its well-selected ac ...
Video published on May 16, 2016
MINTREX® chelated trace minerals from Novus International provide high quality, highly bioavailable zinc, manganese and copper to livestock and poultry. MINTREX chelated trace minerals optimize key production parameters above levels obtained by other organic and inorganic mineral sources, directly increasing customer profitability by improving feed efficiency while improving critical gut health an ...
Video published on April 21, 2016
CIBENZA® DP100 protease feed enzyme from Novus International, Inc., supports improved protein digestibility in a variety of feed ingredients. With its inclusion, the total amount of protein can be reduced in formulated feed – resulting in lower feed costs. CIBENZA DP100 increases the digestibility of animal and plant proteins, in turn optimizing gut health and supporting production performance.
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