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{video:53161} At Innovad® we combine people’s long time experiences in the field of animal feed and water additives with an innovative approach and dedication to animal well-being and a healthy environment. At the same time we secure cost effectiveness for the producer. We have built a...
Video published on December 18, 2019
Ben Letor, Director of Innovand, Introduces Dr. Kuljeet Chand Sood, General Manager Vets Farma Limited, company that is the official Innovad’s distributor in India, focusing on promoting Lumance® (intestinal health), Escent® (Mycotoxin Stress Control), and Vitalite Energy Chick (Nutritional supplement for day old chicks), during Poultry India 2019.
Video published on December 5, 2018
Ben Letor, DIrector of Innovad, introduces Innovad’s brand new website and speaks about how this Belgian company use Engormix to communicate its marketing actions, during Eurotier 2018
Video published on December 5, 2018
Ben Letor, Director of Innovad, stated that Innovad can help address species-specific challenges whether nutritionist, veterinarian or producer with newly emerging solutions that rely less on medication, during Eurotier 2018
Video published on November 21, 2017
Poultry producers worldwide continually confront major challenges related to the volatility of prices of ingredients as well as end products, the burden of disease and the consequence of complying with new regulations. Innovad’s poultry solution range in feed or via drinking water will support producers in meeting these challenges.
Video published on November 21, 2017
Innovad® has developed a special line of products that aims at alleviating the animal’s stress, reducing risks and increasing the farm’s profitability.
Video published on November 21, 2017
With the aim of assisting the pig producer to meet this broad spectrum of challenges, Innovad has developed a range of products and programs to improve production performance in a number of key areas: improving gut integrity, combatting disease pressures, providing alternative ways to lower or eliminate medicated premixes, stimulating immunity, improving intake, improving growth rates and feed con ...
Video published on November 21, 2017
At Innovad®, we strive to create value for our customers by using our vast experience in the field of animal health and nutrition, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our local and global market knowledge, our passion and entrepreneurial spirit, our business relationships and partners, our innovative commitment.
Video published on May 17, 2017
Ben Letor, Director of Innovad, introduces Vitalite Energy Chick, during VIV Asia 2017, in Thailand. This is a unique form and texture encourage intake from young birds. An innovative gel technology for on farm use – Nutritional and rehydration supplement for day old chicks. It is a booster that offers different protective and active ingredients to ensure a proper intestinal start-up.
Video published on April 16, 2017
Ben Letor, Director for Innovad, speaks about the ESCENT® technology during the VIV Asia 2017, in Thailand. ESCENT® was developed with the Ghent University in Belgium and this kit product consists of a range of wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service.
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