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IntroductionAn essential component of the overall health and well-being of the broiler chicken is ensuring that mineral nutrition, in all its facets, is adequate. As growth rates increase and production systems intensify, mineral nutrition will become more critical. Most minerals in the bird occur in the skeleton, so skeletal integrity is perhaps the critical issue. However, minerals play a role i ...
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Peter Ferket (NC State University) talked about this research on diet changes under heat stress conditions, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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Hello gerard huyghebaert :Yes, I agree with this approach, but I think that we need to re-evaluate the absolute levels of Ca and aP that we feed to layers. We recently completed a long-term study (to 74 weeks of age), and found that our negative control diet, with a moderate reduction in ca and aP from the management guide recommendations, actually had greater structural bone reserves at the end o ...
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INTRODUCTIONPhosphorus (P) is an essential mineral for all farm animals and plays a key role in cellular metabolism, cellular regulatory mechanisms and in bone mineralisation (Suttle, 2010). Furthermore, next to calcium (Ca), it is the most abundant mineral in the body of farm animals including poultry (Georgievskii et al., 1982). In most diets for poultry, a source of inorganic P, for example, mo ...
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A joint venture signed between Ecophos and Chanhen has sent a wave of anticipation through the feed phosphate market as the 5 billion RMB investment, when completed, will process 2.2 million tons of low grade phosphate rock annually into 400,000 tons of high-quality feed phosphate. The joint venture will serve local and regional demand for specialty feed and fertilizer phosphates besides addressin ...
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IntroductionPhosphorus is an important nutrient for laying hens, e.g. for bone development and egg formation, but also plays an important role in environmental contamination. However, research on the phosphorus requirement of laying hens is dated (Van der Klis and Blok, 1997). The modern laying hen with a high egg number and laying persistency probably has a different phosphorus requirement than b ...
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Mr Faisal Sajjad, We do not have "glacial acetic acid" in our porfolio in Yara. This review have been written based on our acids. Regards. FAG
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Introduction. The poultry sector is constantly looking for new additives to improve feed efficiency, health and animal welfare. Moreover, consumer demand asking for environmental sustainability pushes farmers to explore new scenarios to maximize the benefits of production.   Feed efficiency is linked very closely to the cost of poultry production, since compound feed occupies a privilege ...
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