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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION WE’RE SCIENCING THE GLOBAL FOOD CHALLENGE BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT LIFE The greatest global challenge is to ensure food security. Eight billion human lives depend on it. However, it matters how we source animal protein. BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT LIFE...
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Reply to Hamid Ibrahim Ismail; The basis of any meaningful trial to compare sources of a single nutrient must start from a situation where that nutrient is the one limiting the performance parameter being monitored. In this situation we are evaluating methionine (more accurately M+C) and its impact on laying performance ie egg numbers, weight, and total mass. One should usually choose a point in t ...
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5-6 years ago, this topic was very hot in the market. We collected some sample of different sources of Herbal-Met and analyzed them. Although we know the content, but in order to check them in real situation, we conducted couple of well-organized university trials “comparing Herbal-Met and DL-MET “. Herbal-Met had zero effect on chicken performance. For example analytical report of one the sample ...
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This video is factually incorrect. Methionine is an essential amino acid, meaning that in higher animals it cannot be synthesised; it must be consumed within the diet. Plants and micro-organisms can synthesise methionine. Whenever a properly designed and conducted comparison trial is conducted, the equivalence of these herbal products is invariably around 3%. In other words, they are NOT effecti ...
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Shady A. Khalil , I do highly agree with you. Thanks
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Martin Smith thanks for your kind response and making me understand the confusion. you make it clear that extra allowence of lysine will nt be fruitful instead it will impact negatively on energy metabolism. Regards
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In any experiment looking at dose response to a single nutrient, all other nutrients need to be maintained at a level where they do not impact on performance parameters being investigated. Obviously if this is not the case, results obtained may be due to deficit of another nutrient, rather than that being studied. In this case, all SID AA levels were maintained at a level expected to be sufficient ...
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We have published research on herbal met the correct way with dose-response and found no met activity.
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I really surprised about how do Herbal methionine can replace DL-Met by 50%. We analyzed herbal methionine and there was no methionine at all. We did dose response trial on herbal methionine and even no 0.00001% improvement in broiler performance. Please be concise and scientific as possible. The only way to evaluate your product is ( dose response trial compared to DL-Met supplementation). ...
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Dear Ms. Peris, Thank you for your comments. The first objective of this trial was to determine the relative bioavailability of Met sources in broilers. As stated by Jansman et al., (2003) proper studies are those that include a basal diet clearly deficient in Met, and at least 3 levels of supplementation of the test products. As in any dose-response trial, it is crucial that enough data points ar ...
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A misconception may exist that the immune system is too complex or not sufficiently defined to be understood by those outside of hospitals, veterinary clinics or research laboratories. This review therefore aims to describe the cells and pathways involved in the immune system, through a comparison of this system to military structure and defense strategies common to many countries throughout the w ...
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