Pat Welch
BS = Microbiology, MS = Physiology (Microbiology/Immunology), PhD = Nutrition (minor -biochemistry)
Currently employed by Novus International. Primary duties are technical support for Mintrex trace mineral sales and as a support nutritionist for Novus's Project Horizon .
BS = Microbiology, MS = Physiology (Microbiology/Immunology), PhD = Nutrition (minor -biochemistry)
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Brian Fairchild (University of Georgia) explained the findings of his research on the correlation of litter moisture results between the traditional drying method and a commercial moisture meter, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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I would like to come back to the topic of the title, which is related to water treatment and Salmonella prevalence. I think there is not a kind of a golden bullet and a strict biosecurity program including several strategies is key for preventing Salmonella outbreaks on farm level. Organic acids applied over the water and/or feed can be considered as part of such anti-Salmonella programs. Talking ...
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Joshua Jendza Field trials using an organic acid blend of propionic, acetic and benzoic acids administered the first two weeks and the last week of the growout have shown a significant impact on reducing Salmonella at processing (bird washes). Organic acids used at the "proper" dose early and late in the growout addresses early colonization and late recontamination. What you're doing is reducing b ...
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It is a common mistake to think about water treatment as something to be done only at the end of production. As Brian says, control needs to begin early on in the flow, and needs to be maintained throughout in order to keep the pressure on the microbes. We will be presenting some data on feed and water acidification using formic acid at PSA this summer. We found that continuous water acidification ...
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Enrique Alfonso Valverde Díaz De León Sodium Diformate does not extend the acidification past the proventriculus. There is too much buffering in the Duodenum. However, in the acidic foregut and in acidic micro-environments like at the brush border membrane, formate HCOO- can pick up H+ to become HCOOH again. Once that happens, it becomes non-polar and can be absorbed across microbial ...
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Lots of good information. Like your holistic approach and in-depth illustrations. Good information for anyone wanting to learn more about the impact and interactions of microbiota and the host.
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Elizabeth Santin, a Professor at the Federal University of Paraná, describes ways to contro immunity and improve gut health in all species in an event held by the Brazilian company Yes.
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Dear ALL,as already in many of the comments noted, in challenging conditions, especially heat stress, there is no single product able to serve as the optimum solution.Besides nutrition, all other factors need to been considered: biosecurity, cooling systems/ methods, ventilation, bedding materials, water quality and availability, stocking density...etc.From a nutritional point of view, the higher ...
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Dr Ajay Bhoyar This is especially important in tropical and sub-topical climates where reducing heat increment plays an important role in reducing metabolically induced heat stress.
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Excellent information from all the contributors. Dr. Fiodor has mentioned a very important point in heat stress management. Indeed, both the poultry house management (lowering house temperature, managing feeding time, air movement, etc) as well as nutritional adjustment (nutrient density and source of nutrients, inclusion of electrolytes and Vitamin C, etc) plays a vital role in lowering the ...
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Professional Title: BS = Microbiology, MS = Physiology (Microbiology/Immunology), PhD = Nutrition (minor -biochemistry)
Novus International, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, creates animal nutrition solutions for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Novus operati...
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