Article published the February 19, 2021
Demand for animal protein for human consumption is rising globally at an unprecedented rate. Modern poultry production practices are associated with regular use of AGPs, potentially increasing selection pressure on bacteria to become resistant. AGP-alternatives are being sought to improve poultry performance. While the industry is focused on developing alternate solutions; their mode of action sti ...
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Article published the February 12, 2021
The relentless march of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has emerged as a public health concern, especially in the light of the fact that newer antibiotic classes have been slow to develop and investments in novel antimicrobial drug classes have been receding. AMR problem transcends international borders with antibiotic stewardship. Increasing thrust for restriction on AGP’s has instigated h ...
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Article published the February 12, 2021
Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) is of high economic importance as this causes heavy production loss & mortality. Mycoplasma gallisepticum(MG) & Mycoplasma Synoviae(MS) is involved in polymicrobial “chronic respiratory disease” of chicken. Various antibiotics are used for management but pose the threat of MDR, & human food safety risks. Hence, the need of the hour is to fi ...
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Participation in Forum on November 18, 2020
Dr. Yousef Babikian, Very pertinent and interesting question about Herbal C. Herbal C is natural, heat stable antioxidant that is highly bioavailable form of natural vitamin C. Herbal C has combined benefit of antioxidant and immunopotentiator. In face of viral challenges, Herbal C potentiates immunocompetence and help to strengthen defense system. Herbal C helps to optimize physiological func ...
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In an interview with Engormix during IPPE 2020, David Briner -senior product manager for minerals, Novus International- explains how Novus’s highly bioavailable chelated trace minerals optimize key production parameters compared to other mineral sources.
Article published the August 19, 2020
IntroductionThere is increasing consumer interest in healthier (designer) eggs, nutritionally enhanced and value added with enrichment of omega-3 fatty acids and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) along with reduced level of cholesterol, fat, saturated and trans-fatty acids in egg. Eggs are not only a highly nutritious food, but also a rich source of diverse bioactive components including nutraceuticals. ...
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Article published the July 21, 2020
Oxidative stress in poultryPoultry is one of the fastest growing segments of animal industry and has a substantial contribution to food security and nutrition. Birds are exposed to a multitude of stressors of environmental, nutritional, microbiological, and managemental origin throughout their life cycle that negatively impacts their health and production (Altan et al., 2003). These include sexing ...
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DIMA WHITE, STEVE LEESON and WOO KYUN KIM* report that a herbal feed supplement, consisting of natural and organic choline in conjugated form (phosphatidyl choline) along with certain phospholipids can successfully and economically replace choline chloride at lower inclusion levels and provide additional beneficial effects in poultry.Functions and metabolism of cholineCholine, a water-soluble vita ...
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