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Dear Sir,Herewith I am mentioning all the advantages and disadvantages of the MG/MS vaccination in poultry and points to remembering before vaccination, please have a look-Control by vaccines1. Killed/Inactivated vaccines- These are M. gallisepticum killed organisms with oil emulsion adjuvants to protect the birds from infection with virulent M. gallisepticum .- Several adjuvant enhanced bacterin ...
Article published the March 8, 2015
Introduction Lactobacillus species are important inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract of livestock animals and are increasingly being used as probiotic microorganisms due to their status as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) organisms and their health promoting properties. Administration of probiotic Lactobacillus in poultry has been demonstrated to be effective in promoting growth at leve ...
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Article published the February 19, 2015
People are becoming more health cautious and became choosy for their daily routine meals. Consumers demand products which are safe, healthy, fresh, tasty and nutritious with a desired aroma and colour. People demand eggs which are safe and also promote their health, free from drug/ pesticide residues and other harmful components but rich in special health promoting components like n-3 fatty acids, ...
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Article published the February 19, 2015
Designer eggs contain higher concentrations of several vitamins, high omega 3 fatty acids pigments, minerals etc. The egg contents are modified keeping in mind the consumer demand with respect to safety, healthfulness, freshness, taste, colour, etc. The nutritional strategy is the choice of dietary ingredients. Functional feed for functional food is the first step for the production of designer eg ...
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Article published the December 15, 2014
Owing to the long history of the widespread chicken raising in the vast territory of this country and manifold conditions of the ecological environment in different places many native breeds evolved. Popularity of native fowls is decreasing day by day for being poor egg producers, slow growers, having broodiness, smaller body and egg size as well as late sexual maturity. Despite of a drastic incre ...
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Article published the November 27, 2014
Importance of Newly Developed Breeds The colour pattern of the germplasm is more attractive than Desi hen. Because of coloured plumage these birds have camouflagic characters to protect themselves from predators. They can thrive well under adverse environmental conditions like poor housing, poor management and poor feeding. Broodiness is absent in the hens. Nutritional value, aroma and taste ...
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Article published the November 7, 2014
Introduction The transition period in dairy cows is defined as the last three weeks before parturition to three weeks after parturition (Grummer, 1995). It is characterized by tremendous metabolic and endocrine adjustments that the cows must experience from late gestation to early lactation (Drackley et al., 2001). Perhaps the most important physiological change occurring during this period is th ...
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Article published the June 5, 2014
Care and management of calf: We must provide proper feeding and management for the calves to help them to develop well and become useful for replacement stock. The feeding and care of the calf startsbefore its birth. The dam should be dried 6-8 weeks before expected calving and should be fed well. Underfed animals will give weak and small calves. A) Early Management: Immediately after birth, r ...
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