Ramzan Ali
Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine
To provide services as veterinarian from 2012 at defferent region in Bangladesh.
Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine
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Despite all the traditional medicine, ceftriaxone is the best drug to control typhoid fever within a short period of the time. if you tried to control it, you can easily grab the mortality and save your birds. details in this link https://poultrymania.com/ceftriaxone-in-poultry/
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Despite all positive control mechanisms, ceftriaxone is the most crucial drug to control heavy mortality within a short period. I have been using it since 2017 in Bangladesh.
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Yes, it is Fv.
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Dear Mridul kumar What are the composition of libac-10? Regards DR. Ramzan Ali
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Dear DR. Banik It not not wise dicision using Ma5 strain at 90 days & 17 week. some IB strain are persists a long period of time in poultry populatio & birds struggle their production. You have need further study to use other strain.
Discussion created on July 17, 2016
A farmer have total birds- 2000, Layer age 90 weeks, hen egg-68%, daily feed consumed- 115 g, lighting hrs-16 hrs daily. egg breakage daily in 25 pc. farm biosecurity is well. what are the possible causes?
Discussion created on June 5, 2016
In CCRD, I used Timicosin+ Gentamycin+ Colistin bt can not obtain satisfactory result in deferent cases at age between 07-21 days. Mortality increase day by day. Can anybody give me proper line of treatment in this situation?
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Dear Sir, Can u give me a copy of your atlas book (ramzandvm08@gmail.com)? Its help my vets career. Regards DR. Ramzan Ali
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IBD with onknown disease
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