Why Does Enzyme Thermostability Matter?

Published on: 07/17/2017
Author/s : Basheer Nusairat, Ph.D. Animal Nutritionist, BRI.

The Impact of Feed Pelleting on Enzyme Thermostability In animal feed manufacturing, the process of pelleting is used to convert mash feed into compressed pellets. Pelleting provides several advantages, such as ease of handling, reduction of dust and waste and standard composition. The use of pelleted feed is also known to improve the feed conversion ratio (FCR) due to better digestibility and ab...

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James Marinakis James Marinakis
Horse breeder
July 17, 2017
Who makes the thermostable enzymes and what is used to determine the correct amount to result in optimum food digestion and absorption?
Rahat Mobeen Rahat Mobeen
M.Phil Animal Nutrition
May 22, 2019
how to calculate the enzyme dose according to substrate. please help me ?
Mangalmurti Pathak Mangalmurti Pathak
MVSc & A.H. Animal Nutrition
December 31, 2020

Thermostability of enzyme during pelleting is always a big question. It is very difficult to asses the effect of enzymes. Some enzyme producers claim it is intrinsically thermostable coated and so on. In true sense, post pelleting application is right method of enzyme application although we require sophisticated applicators. But still the efficacy of enzyme varies with the composition of diet, substrate present, enzyme concentration and favorable conditions like pH and temperature. Instead, we should develop a technology for in vitro application of enzymes to different feed ingredients based on their substrate analysis. This will be more economical and will serve the purpose of enzyme application to some extent although it looks to be more challenging today.

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