Soybean Meal – An Exceptional Protein Source

Published on: 07/18/2017
Author/s : Gary L. Cromwell / PhD Emeritus Professor, Animal and Food Sciences Department, University of Kentucky.

Soybean meal has long been considered an outstanding source of supplemental protein in diets for livestock and poultry. In fact, soybean meal is sometimes referred to as the "gold standard" because other protein sources are often compared to it. Soybean meal is rich in highly digestible protein, and the protein is composed of a superior blend of amino acids, the building blocks of body protein for...

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Prof Irvin Mpofu Prof Irvin Mpofu
Animal Nutritionist
July 18, 2017
Wonderful and well thought review.
Saifullah Tareen Saifullah Tareen
July 18, 2017
Very good review. So soybean is very good for poultry and swine, but not that good for ruminants?
July 19, 2017

An easy reading and perfectly explained review. Congratulations, Dr. Cromwell.

Alagbe olujimi John Alagbe olujimi John
Animal Production & Health
July 19, 2017

Excellent work, Sir.

Enrique Diaz Enrique Diaz
Agro Engineer Zootechnist. Product Line Manager Vegetable Oil & Animal Feed Divisions
October 17, 2017
When you mentioned the Types of Soybean Meals at the beginning of the article you said there are 2 major meals commercially available for livestock and poultry formulations, the "conventional" soybean meal with 43-44% protein content and the "dehulled" soybean meal with 47-49% protein content and that is not 100% true.

The amount of crude protein content in the final meal is directly related with obviously the amount of initial protein in the whole beans and the process used to recover the oil for the oilseed. There are 2 ways to recover the oil, mechanic using the latest technology of extrusion + pressing and chemical using hexane as a solvent. The residual oil in the meal after oil removal is different between both methods of extraction, this will be 5-7% and 1% or less respectively. This particular factor "along" with the step of hulls removal will affect the amount of protein at the end. With nowadays organic beans we can get soybean meal mechanically extracted without dehulling containing 46-47% protein.

I hope this clarify the point mentioned before.

Enrique Diaz
Felix Mizero Felix Mizero
Poultry farmer
November 24, 2017
hello Partner, In my country , Rwanda Soybean is currently produced and used for malnutrition disorders eradication and livestock feeding. i really appreciate the above article.
keep it up
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