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Nutriad opens new plant in China

Published on: 04/10/2017
Source : Nutriad

Traditional Chinese dragon dances were on display when Nutriad, together with local partners, opened its new palatability factory in Nantong (China). The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by government officials, industry leaders and local staff. A pioneer in flavour and sweetener solutions for livestock applications in China, Nutriad invested in a new state of the art production facility allow...

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April 10, 2017
Time runs fast and putting events in some historical perspective can sometimes be misleading for all of us..

I wonder if there is not a kind of lapsus or typing error in the last paragraph of this press release. It mentions that NutriAd was estabilished more than 50 (FIFTY) years ago. This would mean before 1967 !!

If I remember well, NutriAd International was founded by Dr. Jamal Al Saifi, now CEO of InnovAd, after he left Kemin in 1995, means about 22 years ago. Only some years later this company was taken over by the INVE group. Means around the year 2000. I guess NutriAd in its actual structure must be about 10-15 years old only. Most probably, the current CEO was even not yet born in 1967 and joined NutriAd in 2010 only.

In todays fast moving market with mass communications via multiple channels, authenticity of information becomes hard to verify and it becomes more and more tough to distinguish between correct and biased information.
For your reading only..
Innovad Innovad
Essen, Antwerpen, Belgium
April 10, 2017
I guess you are right Dr. Goethals , but as ignorance and misleading information becomes the norms we get easly confused between the right and wrong , correct and misleading .
After all even the flag the and the name used is in reality do not exsist except for Feed flavor Asia which is not related at all to current structure and business .
In summery partial knowldge is more dangrous than ignorance or no knowldge at all .
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