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Here you can generate a discussion about the daily development of their work, make questions and / or share your experiences.
Last comment: March 7, 2018
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In ruminants concentrates, oils\fats inclusion is lower that in monogastrics' ones, where low durability and pasty textures can be found due to high inclusion of fats. In ruminants diets, where fats l...
Last comment: March 1, 2016
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How to use CORN GRINDING MILL correctly? First of all, we need to learn about corn grinding mill structure and features. Corn grinding mill depends on one pair of opposite differential rotation to pee...
Last comment: April 20, 2015
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Dust Protection Flour dust is hazardous to workers of a MAIZE MILLING MACHINE. The small particles of flour can enter the lungs of employees and reduce their breathing capacity. According to the Natio...
Last comment: March 13, 2007
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