Effect of Phytobiotic Feed Additive “WHITENIL” on Production & Health Performance of Vannamei Shrimp in High Stocking Grow Out Ponds

Published on: 12/16/2019
Author/s : Prahash C. Behera / General Manager (Aqua), PVS Group, Vijayawada, India.

Nutrition of shrimp is an important consideration in health management of cultured vannamei shrimp. The extensive to semi-intensive and intensive farming of shrimp demands nutritionally complete feeds for successful culture. The use of nutritionally inadequate feeds for shrimps can result in reduced growth, less production, more stress, low survivals, nutritional deficiency syndromes, mortality, i...

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December 16, 2019
Where can this product can be purchased?
December 25, 2019

The title of your work is determined for PHYTOBIOTIC, even though a commercial product having additional ingredients was used. This doubts results to phytobiotics only. Moreover the concentration of each ingredient in the product wasn't mentioned.
Please illustrate.

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