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ROSEN Test to objectively evaluate feed additives in piglets

Published on: 11/29/2013
Author/s : Marie Laurence LE RAY – Product Manager at Neovia
Presentation done at the EAAP Scientific Congress – August 2013

Gordon Rosen is a scientist who has established a model made up of 7 criteria in order to evaluate the efficiency of feed additives on animals’ performances (2004).
The following table compares the data obtained with B-SAFE in piglets to the data expected by ROSEN for the 7 criteria, enabling to determinate if B-SAFE can be considered as an efficient feed additive. 
The 27 trials carried out in piglets allow concluding that B-SAFE responds positively to 6 out of 7 Rosen’s criteria. 
B-SAFE obtains positive results in 7.8 trials out of 10 (27 trials)
In starter period, performance improvement is easily predictable and repeatable. 

In prestarter period, results are less predictable, as the sanitary conditions and farm management are more variable at this period. 

By the analysis of 27 trials carried out on piglets, B-SAFE proves that it can be considered as an efficient feed additive, answering positively to the 7 criteria of Rosen’s screen. B-SAFE is objectively a reliable and cost-effective solution to improve significantly zootechnical performances.
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