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Article published the September 8, 2006:

Pet food production. Process description

Pet Food ProductionCommercial extrusion processing of food products has been practiced for over 60 years. The screw extruder was first used as a continuous cooking device in the late 1930’s. The first commercia...
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Article published the June 15, 2006:

Powerful Phytogenics under Practical Evaluation in Sows and Piglets

Summary The ban of in-feed antibiotics has already been implemented in Europe and producers are faced with a vast number of alternatives which are currently available at the market. Natural Growth Prom...
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Tobias Steiner
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Composition of fat in distiller grains

Introduction Distillers grains (DG) originating from the corn-based fuel ethanol industry are an excellent source of energy and non-rumen degradable protein, and are an effective ingredient for dairy cattle d...
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Alvaro GarciaFernando Diaz, DVM, PhDKurt A. Rosentrater
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Trojans tricking harmful bacteria

Addcon claims to have found a way to control Gram-positive bacteria. Ever since the ban on in feed antibiotics in Europe, scientists have looked for ways to control harmful bacteria. By means of directly fed...
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Christian LückstädtKurt Wegleitner
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