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Article published the March 17, 2021:

Extrusion Processing: A Versatile Technology for Producing Foods and Feeds

Overview – What Is Extrusion?The word extrusion means shaping a material or a blend of materials that can be plasticized (able to be melted and become fluid-like), and is pumpable by forcing thr...
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Michael Joseph
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Article published the July 17, 2020:

Hammermills and Roller Mills

Ingredients come to the feed processor from a variety of sources. Many of these, particularly the coarse cereal grains, require some degree of processing before they are ready to be blended into an animal ratio...
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Kim B. Koch, PhD
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Article published the June 16, 2020:

The Effect of Hammermill Screen Hole Diameter and Hammer Tip Speed on Particle Size and Flowability of Ground Corn

Introduction As particle size research has continued to evolve, so has the nutritionist’s understanding of what is needed to optimize animal performance. There is a push to begin manufacturing diets of sp...
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Charles Stark
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Article published the March 11, 2020:

Effects of corn kernel hardness and grain drying conditions on particle size when grinding using a roller mill or hammermill

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Adam FahrenholzEdgar O. Oviedo-RondónHernan Alejandro CórdovaIván Camilo Ospina-RojasLina María Peñuela SierraViviana San MartínYilmar Andres Matta
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Article published the September 27, 2018:

The impact of Post-Grinding process on Extruded Feed

Post-grinding can be defined as the grinding step after all the ingredients of the feed are mixed just before the mash enter the pre-conditioner for steam/waterinjection. It has been done initially on the Pet F...
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Enrique Diaz
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Article published the June 14, 2018:

Optimal grinding

An optimal grinding requires the right amount of intake of air, which is cleaned in the nozzle filters. This also guarantees an economic use of the hammer mill. The air is necessary to quickly transport the fin...
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Gabriela Chiric
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Article published the March 8, 2018:

Feed Mill Management - Audit and Edit

Feed operation counts around 60% to 65% of poultry operation. One needs to produce consistency in quality and quantity throughout 24 hrs, 7/12 and 365 days a year. And that’s the reason various controls i...
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Sushil Chandra
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Article published the January 15, 2018:

Gaseous ammonia pretreatment lowers the required energy input for fine milling-enhanced enzymatic saccharification of switchgrass

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Bruce Diner
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Article published the January 9, 2018:

Patented multi-cavity technology to achieve differential crushing effect

The demand of raw materials processing for crushing is increasingly harshWith the modernization and scale development of industries including feed, protein feed, alcohol, biomass, enterprises’ requir...
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Roger Yan (Mr)
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Article published the September 23, 2016:

Economics of Grinding for Pelleted Feeds

In the feed manufacturing industry, particle size reduction (grinding) is second only to extrusion processes (pelleting, expanders, extruders) in terms of total energy consumption.  To achieve a finer grin...
Author/s :
Mark Heimann
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