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Article published the March 8, 2018:

Effect of Dietary Protein and Energy Level on Proximate Composition of Breast and Thigh Meat in White Leghorn Layers at Molt and Post Molt Production Stages

Introduction Poultry meat being a high quality animal protein source plays significant role in maintaining the health and nutrition of the people (Shahzad et al., 2011). Along with broilers, 35.4 million spe...
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Shahbaz Javaid
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Article published the February 15, 2018:

Effects of Increasing Crystalline Amino Acids in Sorghum- or Corn-based Diets on Finishing Pig Growth Performance and Carcass Composition

Introduction In order to lower feed costs, crystalline AA are used routinely in swine diets to replace a portion of the soybean meal. The AA that are currently available to add to swine diets include lysine, t...
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Bob GoodbandDr. Joel DeRoucheyJason WoodworthKyle JordanMike Tokach Steve Dritz
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Article published the February 8, 2018:

Decision making in diet formulation

There are multiple approaches a swine nutritionist can take in diet formulation: maximize performance, minimize cost, or maximize profit. Within each of these approaches, there are suboptions to decide from: ...
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Márcio Gonçalves
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Article published the February 8, 2018:

Evaluation of various feedstuffs of ruminants in terms of chemical composition and metabolisable energy content

Introduction India has a very large population of livestock both of productive and unproductive animals. Ruminants are mostly fed on low-quality roughages, which are poor in protein, energy, minerals, and vita...
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Dinesh KumarDr. Shivlal Singh Kundu
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Article published the January 23, 2018:

Different Criteria for Feed Formulation Based on Digestible Amino Acids for Broilers

INTRODUCTION An important function of animal production is to provide high-quality protein for human consumption. In order to fulfill this role, animals themselves require high-quality protein in correct prop...
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Antonio Carlos De LaurentizLucio Araujo
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Article published the January 4, 2018:

Effects of creep feeding and supplemental glutamine or glutamine plus glutamate (Aminogut) on pre- and post-weaning growth performance and intestinal health of piglets

Background After pigs are weaned from their dams, morphological and functional changes occur in their small intestine. Pluske et al. [1] reported decreased villi height and increased crypt dept. Because newly-...
Author/s :
Eduardo NogueiraJack OdleJames Usry, Ph.D.Marianne KutschenkoRafael Cabrera
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Article published the December 14, 2017:

Sorghum-soybean meal-based diets supplemented with canthaxanthin and their effects on internal egg quality of laying hens, stored in different temperatures.

Introduction. The substitution of corn to sorghum, in addition to a lower price, has greater resistance to drought, which favors its cultivation in various regions with low rainfall (Fialho; Barbosa, 1997). Alt...
Author/s :
Angélica Londero
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Article published the November 23, 2017:

Evaluation of three feeding programs for broilers based on sorghum-soybean diets with different protein percentages

Introduction Current broiler growth rate is partly the result of an intense genetic selection;1 therefore, feeding is important to achieve the maximum productive expression. Success attained until now in this ...
Author/s :
Carlos Lopez CoelloErnesto Avila Gonzalez
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Article published the October 26, 2017:

Mineral Retention in Young Broiler Chicks Fed Diets Based on Wheat, Sorghum or Maize

INTRODUCTION Minerals are needed for all normal life processes and the physiological importance of minerals for farm animals, including poultry, is well documented (Spears, 1999; Underwood and Suttle, 1999). R...
Author/s :
Don ThomasVelmurugu Ravindran
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Article published the October 5, 2017:

Feed Ingredients: Nutrient composition of canola meal

A new study about the nutritive characteristics of canola meal from Canadian processing facilities has been published recently in the Animal Feed Science and Technology magazine (Adewole et al, 2016). The autho...
Author/s :
Fernando Diaz, DVM, PhD
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