Treatment of the colibacillar mastitis

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Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy
Professor of veterinary pharmacology
November 4, 2016
Bovine Mastitis is a simple disease when the veterinarians know the cause. Treatment of this disease requires a will prepared pharmacological program because milk is an excellent medium for bacterial growth Bovine Mastitis is induced by 42 causes under field conditions and each cause requires a special treatment. There are no researches which demonstrate these causes and / or details of chemotherapy .Therefore, no progress in knowledge of bovine mastitis.
Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy
Professor of veterinary pharmacology
November 6, 2016
Under field conditions there is no pure infection with single type of bacteria. Usually mixed infections are present . These facts must be borne in mind before treatment. To treat a case of bovine mastitis , many drugs are required and applied with different routes of administration . Excellent Knowledge of bovine mastitis requires many years of hard work because there is great differences between academic and clinical field studies . Clinical studies give us complete knowledge about all causes of bovine mastitis and effective drugs . Today , I recorded 42 causes of bovine mastitis documented photographically under field conditions. These causes can be re-named or given additional other names and the causes of mastitis in such cases may reach 70 - 75 causes. Isolation of the causative bacteria and sensitivity studies require more time and facilities which result in damage of the udder and teats and terminate the life of the animal (slaughtering) or the productivity of the quarter/s.
November 8, 2016
Must remember that MASTITIS is the only disease in the world which is thirst on animals by negligence of the owner
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