Trace minerals and the cow’s immune system

Published on: 11/07/2017
Author/s : Jack Garrett, Director of Research Animal Nutrition at QualiTech.

To optimize the growth and production of animals, we have long realized good nutrition is key. Trace mineral supplementation has been simplified to strictly meeting the parts-per-million requirements set out in the nutrient requirement tables, with little attention given to the form in which the mineral is provided. Recently, there has been more interest and research on the influence trace mineral...

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November 7, 2017
Beautiful article regarding the importance of trace elements to be used essentially to boost the immunity of animals. It is long been agreed the role of trace elements in sustainable livestock production and this article is a good reminder in this direction
Dr Muhammad Farooq Abdullah Dr Muhammad Farooq Abdullah
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
November 8, 2017
Such a Informative study
Sandra Baxendell Sandra Baxendell
BVSc (Hons), PhD MANZCVSc, GCertAppSC(RurExt), GCertPSectMgt, PGDAppSc, MRurSysMan
November 7, 2017
Overfeeding trace minerals esp. copper is a major problem with goat owners.
Abdul Qader Samsor Abdul Qader Samsor
DVM, diploma in animal production
November 8, 2017

Since the trace elements mentioned in this article is essential, especially its effect on Immune system in the cows, but how to improve the situation in feeding, the more effects on Milking cow or pregnant cows, in our subtropical condition mostly the feeds and feeding method not well concerned.
Dr. Abdul Qader Samsor, Technical Team Leader, Animal Husbandry Development project.

Joe Magadi Joe Magadi
November 9, 2017
Many thanks for a comprehensive review of the key roles of these specific trace minerals. Could you please shade some light on their requirements in dairy cow particularly during the transition period when immune challenge is significantly high.
April 13, 2020
Thanks for highlighting the importance of some crucial trace minerals known for their role in dairy production system, with special reference to immunity. Would appreciate knowing the levels of these minerals in cow's diet during different stages of lactation, especially in tropical and sub-tropical regions.
April 13, 2020
Thanks for sharing this very nice and informative article regarding the requirement of trace minerals and their role in immunity of cows. Zinc, copper and manganese has understood well by Indian farmers but feeding selenium is still a challenge as overfeeding shows toxicity. It will be highly appreciated if any body canguides us regarding the right dosage of selenium in different phases of cow lactation
DVM,M.Sc(Hons) vety,pathology
April 25, 2020

Really superior technically sound article in respect of minerals need of dairy cows. The author efforts are appreciable.

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