Silvafeed® Tannins Role in Rumen Microbiota Modulation

Published on: 03/14/2017
Author/s : Silvateam

For many years dietary protein binding has been considered the main property of tannins within animal nutrition, but more recent speculations have highlighted many other mechanisms of action for tannins.Antispasmodic effect on gastrointestinal passage, reduction of rumen starch degradation, local immune response modulation and antioxidant effect are some known examples, but perhaps the most import...

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David Thornton David Thornton
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
March 14, 2017
Hi Claudio, if the experiment was continued over a longer duration do you think the bug populations would revert and adapt to this type of additive?
David Thornton
Technical Manager, Rumenco Ltd.
Mario D. Alvarado Mario D. Alvarado
Animal Nutritionist
March 14, 2017
What was the impact on fat and milk production ?
raafat mohamed helmy fouda raafat mohamed helmy fouda
Bachler of vetrinary medicine 1998
March 14, 2017
Before this study we use tannins as astringant in animals suffering from diarrhea and it give agood results witout knowing its effect on rumen but know I know its effect in improving microbial enviroment in rumen its good study
Syeedmojtaba Syeedmojtaba
Animal Nutritionist
March 15, 2017
Tannins , especially HT has negatively effects on fibrolytic bacteria and followed by reduction of fibre digestion in rumen, but tannins ( CT and also HT) are able to bind proteins , which resulting to escape more them from rumen. They cause to absorb more sulfur containing amino acids, as a result, they increase fiber values like cashmere, wool in fiber- producing animals.
Claudio Cabral Claudio Cabral
Veterinary Doctor
March 27, 2017

Hi David, how are you? It is not expected that there will be adaptation by the rumen microbiota and a return to the initial situation, since the blend of plant extracts that make up the product tested is formed by a large number of different active molecules that make the adaptation is not possible.

May 24, 2018

Sir, what is the inclusion ratio of chestnut tannin in cattle feed formulation?

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