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Selenium And Immunity: Food For Thought

Published on: 12/27/2020
Author/s : Prof Peter SURAI, Feed-Food Ldt, UK. Dr. Michele DE MARCO, Global Scientific and Technical Manager, ADISSEO

A balanced diet is key for human health promotion. Among essential nutrients Selenium is shown to be deficient in many countries worldwide. In animals as well as in humans, Selenium deficiency is associated with a compromised immunity and increased susceptibility to various diseases including the recent epidemic caused by COVID 19. Production of Se-enriched eggs, meat and milk could be an importan...

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Eduardo Espinoza Eduardo Espinoza
Veterinary Doctor
December 27, 2020

Very interesting article and the implications that enriched or Se-endowed foods of animal origin may have as an added value in the future and that form part of the population's food culture...

Michele De Marco Michele De Marco
Animal Nutritionist
Adisseo Adisseo
KASTERLEE, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
December 27, 2020

Thank you very much, Dr. Espinoza.

Eduardo Espinoza Eduardo Espinoza
Veterinary Doctor
December 27, 2020

You're welcome!

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