Phosphorous and vitamin B as problems on the dairy production

Published on: 06/11/2014
Author/s : Luis A. Chávez B. (BVM, Research and Experimental Design Assistant on Agrovet Market Animal Health), Roxana Angelats M.(DVM, MsSA (c), Research and Experimental Design Chief on Agrovet Market Animal Health )

Malnutrition refers to an incorrect use of nutrients and is accepted as one of the major constraints in the production of livestock (Radostis, 2002). Insufficient energy is very often responsible for low production. However, despite a correct energy management has been observed that it can result in deterioration in the production due to vitamin and mineral imbalances (McDowell, 1984). Among the ...

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June 11, 2014
Great Article.
Though the Role of Phosphorus is much greater than those discussed.
Few other Important roles of Phosphorus are:
1) Integral part of Sponge like Phosphorylated Protein with in the RBC, this protein helps in the Flexibility of RBC (usually 5 Microns Diameter) to pass even through the end capillaries of 1 Micron Diameter. Deficiency of Phosphorus around Pregnancy & Parturition leads to rupture of the RBC's, manifested as Heamoglobinuria.
2) Integral part of the Bi-Phospho-Lipid Layer of all Cell Membranes. Deficiency of Phosphorus, cells become Fragile and Highly Permeable.
prakash kulkarni prakash kulkarni
B. V,Sc & A .H .
July 23, 2014
can i get details about trials/ experiments of using phosphorus B vit in dairy animals
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