Dairy Cow Housing Design Manure

Modern Dairy Cow Housing Design Manure Management Technology

Published on: 10/16/2011
Author/s : Dr. Aron Itkin
Dairy cows are housed for most of the time in the barn. The fundamental for design the dairy barn is to provide cow comfort, labor efficiency, economic viability, and waste management efficiency [6][7][9]  One of long-standing and costly problems of handling manure has been the absence of simple, reliable, accurate and long-lasting system of manure collection and transportation out of the bar...
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October 16, 2011

Interesting article about dairy cow housing design manure. Can u please send me the detail of tie stall brans. For 300 cows. and thats hiffewrs.
Kunal gala

Muhammad Iqbal Sabir Muhammad Iqbal Sabir
Animal Nutritionist
October 20, 2011

I really very much impressed with all sorts of calculations and EFFICIENT DAIRY COW SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. It is cost saving, labor saving, under best management practices. It favors Health Safety & Hygiene Management according to Global GAP Certification, This design will help to improve Environment,Bio gas production & will check ammonia,& green house impact of dairy farm.
Please I will request Engineer ARON ITKIN pl if possible let we know the detail of cost estimate so that we can also made estimate for our local conditions
Thanks the Engromix.team

Aron Itkin Aron Itkin
Civil Engineer
October 23, 2011

Re: Muhammad iqbal Sabir

Thanks for your comments. It isreally important to implement this technology in livestock production. The barn design priorities are timelly manure collection and removal.
My invention permits to design a system which will solve problems incoherent in existing systems. Most important it will provide proper sanitation in and around the barn and permit to select proper manure treatment and utilization technologies in technically, economically anden vironmentally efficient way.
To do cost estimate you need to design your barn. I am ready to provide consulting serviices.
Best regards,
Aron Itkin

June 1, 2014
Tenho um projeto de gado de corte, juntamente com engorde de cordeiros. A região encontra-se numa altitude de 3.333'( 1050 metros). Frio intenso durante 3 a 4 meses, enquanto que as demais estações, clima subtropical úmido. Previsão de 200 vacas (cows) e 500 sheeps. Desejo se possível um desenho (design) de um shelter para o confinamento para 200 bois e para as vacas, seria somente para os 4 meses de inverno.
Quanto ao ovinos (sheep),nesta catagoria, um shelter para as 500 ovelhas, que poderia ficar junto aos cordeiros.
Tenho lido seus artigos científicos, os quais me agradam muito.
Saudações, Prof. Castelo Branco e produtor 54=102.951.
Djati P Dharmosamoedero Djati P Dharmosamoedero
Environmental and Resources Management
July 4, 2015
very impressive, I'd like to implementation for traditional rural farming, any detail design could be obtain either at cost or no charged
May 27, 2022
Quite impressive. Thanks for sharing. Have been seeking this info since a couple of years. Will be highly appreciated if you could also share the costing and estimates for 800 cows and also to making new barns for them.
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