Manage peripartum blood glucose levels and insulin resistance through nutrition: Glucose precursors + fatty acids balance

Published on: 04/23/2019
Author/s : Alfredo J. Escribano / DVM, PhD, Head of Business Development, NUTRION Internacional,

The liver during transition: central pillar of formulation strategies Hepatic functionality and health must be one of the aspects that nutritionists must keep in mind as priority, as it is critical for proper transition into lactation. Despite the importance of taking care of liver metabolism, 20 to 40% of dairy cows are unable to cope with the changes caused by lactation and develop metabolic di...

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April 23, 2019
Nice topic and excellent explanation
Joe Magadi Joe Magadi
April 24, 2019


Your brief on transition glucose and lipid metabolism are spot on. Rumen-protected glucose is something we often ignore and you have correctly highlighted it here. Another element we should consider are the omega fatty acids. We also include rumen-inert glycerine as a glucose precursor. Our ratio works out as 53:42:0.05 for C16:0:C18:1:N-3 (EPA+DHA+ALA). It works quite successfully.

Dr.Manoj jha Dr.Manoj jha
Animal Nutritionist
April 28, 2019
Nicely explained
Sunil Nayak Sunil Nayak
Professor &Head, Dept. Animal Nutrition
April 30, 2019
April 30, 2019

Very good topic initiated for detail discussion. Precursors will definitely help to meet cow high requirement of glucose but cost wise needs to be explained in commercial farming. In India, cost of milk production is increasing drastically and procurement price is declining in last couple of years, which is alarming.

waqas ahmad waqas ahmad
MSc Hons Livestock Management
May 9, 2019
Very good article.
May 13, 2019

Perfectly explained.

Shifali Sharma Shifali Sharma
June 12, 2019
I have to say this is quite useful information.
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