Latest approaches for the management of mastitis

Published on: 01/06/2021
Author/s : Dhawal Kant Kadav, Amit Kumar Singh / Ph.D Scholars, Livestock Production Management Division, ICAR- NDRI, Karnal, Haryana.

Introduction Milk is one of the most important foods of human beings and is recognized globally as a complete diet due to presence of essential components required for human health. India has a good number of dairy animal populations which plays an important role in economy of the country. India continues to be the largest producer of milk in the world (19% of the world’s total milk product...

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January 6, 2021
This is a comprehensive article which attempts to address one of the major challenges of the dairy industry. Well done Amit. Our challenges as farmers is that some of the animal health professionals do not seem to be aware of these new mastitis management techniques. The lack of knowledge impacts negatively on their provision of services to the farmers.
Ph.D. Livestock Production Management (Scholar)
February 18, 2021
Stanley Towett Thank you for your supportive comments. Hopefully this article would help our farmers and related communities.
January 7, 2021
i agree, once you share the knowledge to farmers on how they are making mastitis, it is easy to prevent the mastitis and have a much healthier productive cow!!!

Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy
Professor of veterinary pharmacology
March 6, 2021

To guard against mastitis you must know about 50 etiological agents to induce mastitis. Microbial mastitis is one of these etiological agents. Acute mastitis represents about 95% of animals and peracute mastitis was recorded at 4 % and chronic mastitis equal 1 % of all cases of mastitis. Although many authors consider all forms of mastitis are chronic.

Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy
Professor of veterinary pharmacology
April 29, 2021

Mastitis is easily induced and easily treated and controlled if we prevent or minimize the causes of clinical mastitis. Many owners have no information about the different causes of clinical mastitis except the microbial cause of mastitis. If you start clinical trials for treatment of animals showing mastitis and examine the lesions and ask the owners you will find a great number of causes of clinical mastitis. Many causes of mastitis need a special treatment programme. Effective treatment of clinical mastitis gives you a good reference for treatment of this easy disease (Acute mastitis) Peracute mastitis is a difficult disease but easily treated and controlled for at least 3 years.
Thank you
Best Regards
Prof. Dr. Abd Elsalam Elsawy.

Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy
Professor of veterinary pharmacology
May 6, 2021
Again ,to guard against mastitis you must know about 50 etiological agents to induce mastitis in cows and buffaloes. Any worker on mastitis does not know these etiological agents has no the essential information necssaryto prevent mastitis in cattle. Today, few etiological agents such as bacteria, viruses and trauma are known and these 2 etiological agents collectively are not sufficient to prtevent clkinical mastitis.under fiwld conditions .
thank you
Best regards
Prof.Dr. Abdelsalam mohamed fawzy elsawy
Fac,V, Med, Alexandria University .,Egypt.
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