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Forum: The Third Generation of Rumen-Stable Fats

Published on: 10/30/2010
Author/s : Dr. Roland Adelmann- Berg+ Schmidt (GmbH & Co.)
The basic substances for building an animal's body are minerals and proteins. For the animal to move about or perform as it should it has to be supplied with energy from outside in the form of carbohydrates and fats. An over-supply of energy can be stored as a fat reserve. In the course of evolution this type of reserve has proved the most useful in animals, as fat allows the highest concentration...
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Krishan Agarwal Krishan Agarwal
October 30, 2010
the article is very useful and explains the latest innovation in bypass fat technology.feed manufacturers can definitly add bypass fat without any adverse side effect like poor taste because of saponification or melting on pelletizing of feed . for highyielders it will prove to be a boon just after parturation if it is added in the feeds of ruminents. thank you for enriching ourknowledge on innovation.
November 2, 2010

This was a very good article.
It is the job of the Veterinarians and the Animal Nutritionists in India to educate the dairy farmers for better profitibility using the latest technology products.
Fractionated rumen stable fat is definitely the latest weapon in the dairy farmers armoury.
This product is also available in India by the brand name FATOMAX - marketed by Intas Animal Health

June 26, 2020
Would added fat in fresh cows ration increase BHBA level in blood? And this would also increase the load on liver?
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