Haemonchus contortus

Forum: Prevalence and intensity of Haemonchus contortus infection in two breeds of small ruminants in Maiduguri, an arid zone of Northern Nigeria

Published on: 11/24/2011
Author/s : Musongong, G. A (University of Maiduguri), Ndofor-Foleng, H. N. (University of Nigeria), Abdurashid M. (University of Maiduguri)
Abstract The prevalence and intensity of Haemonchus contortus in two breeds of small ruminants namely Borno Red goats and Borno White sheep in Maiduguri, an arid zone of Nigeria, were investigated in the rainy season (May - September) of 2010. A total of 60 abomasa were purchased from the central abattoir in Maiduguri. Thereafter they were processed in the laboratory for total worm count. Results...
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November 24, 2011

Good article about Haemonchus contortus infection in ruminants. Author found high prevalance in sheep than goat. Are the farmers aware about this and they do follow any prvention program?

Dr. N.r.sarker Dr. N.r.sarker
Animal Nutritionist
November 24, 2011

Very good article about Haemonchus contortus infection in ruminants. This information will help the farmers to take necessary action for controlling the parasites.

Dr. N.R. Sarker

Debashis Ray Debashis Ray
Mechanical Engineer
November 26, 2011
The problem and its incidence has been well identified. Implementing a prevention programme with peasant farmers is a bigger job. Would suggest a reading of work done in Bangladesh-'Studies on Medicinal Plants Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes of Goats' by Sujon, Mostafa et al, published in Bangl.J.Vet.Med(2008).6.(2):179-183. They had tried ten medicinal plants and narrowed the selection to four which showed particular efficacy. They were pineapple leaves,bitter gourd,clove and neem whose extracts gave almost 80% control of nematodes in ten days.
Of these plants only Neem Azadirachta indica will grow in a hot dry climate. It will be a cheap easily available medicinal plant which will grow with little care.
Debashis Ray
Shailendra Kumar Shailendra Kumar
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
November 29, 2011

This is a important information about Haemonchus contortus in ruminants because it is a major problem in sheep and goat

November 30, 2011
June 13, 2012

Interesting article about Haemonchus contortus in ruminants. Please, how do you cite this paper?

Ibrahim Idris Ibrahim Idris
September 9, 2020
This may help in reducing the infection, but pls can you send me the vol, pp. to it as my citation throught my email (idib2288@gmail.com). Thanks
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