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Dear All,

My friend is facing a problem on dairy farm..there is Watery Nasal Discharge,Hypersalivation,Normal temp.Milk production was slightly decreased but now its normal.Initially one of the aborted cows started showing these signs but that was high temp. and after that all other are showing these signs but with normal temp. please guide me what could be the possibilities and ways to manage this.
feeding components are Silage,Green fodder,vanda,Gluten,mineral and soda

Hope you all will share your knowledge and experiences which I really need and will really be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Dr.Sana Ahmad

Sana Ahmad
Sana Ahmad
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Mark J. Schokking Mark J. Schokking
Associate Diploma in Agriculture (AG.BUS)
April 12, 2010

Have you considered sarcocistosis?

Engin Goktepe Engin Goktepe
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
April 13, 2010
ý think its ýnfectious bovine rhinotracheitis you will take blood from cow and calves
April 14, 2010

Dear All,

Please guide me..and explain me the exact test for Bovine rhinotracheitis ...also tell me the other possibilities .



April 23, 2010

Hello Every one 

Interesting cuestion about rhinotracheitis in dairy cattle.
Nasal discharge mostly seen in imported cows in Pakistan.Pls comment.Can suggest ancient traditional remedy.
No harm in trying.wl have no side effects.
Comment reg increase in milk out put.in cross breds.Only good happy cows will give good out put

April 25, 2010
We just experienced a severe outbreak of FMD in our herd. In answer to your question regarding production. We found cows in the last half of lactation were hit the hardest regarding milk production withmost ending up dry due both to the FMD and resulting mastitis infection. In a commercial herd these cows will not remain in the herd.
Reproduction suffered drastically as well. Cows that had been serviced 1-65 days pre FMD had only a 5[percent] pregnancy compared to our normal of 60[percent] first service pregnancies
September 4, 2010

Dear Sir,
The problem encountered of nasal discharge, profuse salivation but with normal temperature. It is also been mentioned that the feeding regime includes soda also. How much soda do you feed per animal per day? What the silage is made of? Have you checked the status of silage and dry grass for any development of fungus and thereby mycotoxins present thereof? Please remember the digestive physiology when you feed soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the animals. Have your all animals got subclinical ruminal lactic acidosis? If the fibre percentage is less in the ration fed altogether, these problems are bound to come. Here, what is happening is that there has to be ruminal acidosis and the soda that is been fed is in low quantity and not sufficient to nullify the acidosis. That is why the regirgitation will be there and excess salivation is there to cope up acidosis problem in the rumen. Try to increase the quantity of soda in ration but do not cross 50g/animal/day please. Check for lameness and occurence of ketosis also that will present some idea on acidosis.
As mentioned by other authors as a possibility of infectious rhinotracheitis, please rule out the titre for the same. In this you can take help from the organizations like Intervet (Now, Schering Plough) or Boehringer Ingellheim since they are the manufacturers of IBR vaccines and they have all scrutunizing facilities.
If you need further classifications, please do not hesitate to contact via email.


Dr.deepa Ananth Dr.deepa Ananth
Animal Nutritionist
September 20, 2010

Dear All
Usually during post FMD, the animal shows hypersalivation and other symptoms of thermal stress due to affection of thermoregulatory centre by the virus. Hipertrichosis is also a feature. Lowering of milk yield would also be a feature. Good old remedies are
giving yeast supplements(found to be effective though exact reason is not known) prevention of ruminal acidosis due to excess loss of saliva and disturbance in the buffering action and correcting the electrolyte imbalance (-HCO3 and -PO4) and keeping the animal in cool place with sufficient ventilation.
Dr.Deepa Ananth

October 25, 2011
Dear sir,
Just based on the clinical signs described here in the mail may not be sufficient to describe about any diseases and moreover, the FMD clinical signs are also like this. Prognosis can be made by seeing the clinical signs and accordingly the name of the disease can be presumed to FMD or else any other diseases. Many causative factors, predisposing factors and sources such as other viruses, bacteria, toxins, poison, excess of minerals could have caused most of the signs you have mentioned in this mail. However, if you are confirmed by your instinct after seeing the signs that could be FMD you should also overlook about the season, climatic parameters, morebidity, mortality percentages, feed materials being offered to animals , wind directions apart from all diagnostic results are essential to be done. Don’t jump into making conclusion about the diseases prevalence as is of a particular disease.

With best complement from
Dr. MD. Ali Asgar Khan Dr. MD. Ali Asgar Khan
Ph.D in Dairy Science, Post Doc in Animal Breeding
November 22, 2011

Good cuestion about rhinotracheitis. It may be caused by allergy. You may used atropine Inj. 3-6ml / 100kg body weight. 

With best complement from
Dr. Ali Asgar Khan

October 3, 2021
Dear Sir,

We need the consultant for Cattle Feed Industries. Kindly give contact no. & E mail ID so we can communicate

Shyam Laddha
Ph 9225149002
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