Hemorrhagic Septicemia in Buffalo in Pakistan

Forum: Hemorrhagic Septicemia in Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in Pakistan

Published on: 02/08/2013
Author/s : Ahrar Khan, Muhammad Kashif Saleemi, Muhammad Zargham Khan, Shafia Tahseen Gul, Muhammad Irfan (Department of Pathology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan) and Muhammad Shahbaz Qamar (Institute of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan).
INTRODUCTION Black gold, the buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is known as the world’s second most important milch animal as it shares more than 95% of the milk produced in the South Asia (Javaid et al., 2009). There are about 29.9 million heads of buffaloes in Pakistan (Afzal, 2010); out of these, 76.7% belong to Nili-Ravi breed, which is the most popular of buffaloes in Pakistan (Khaliq and Rahm...
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P.k.sethi P.k.sethi
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
February 8, 2013

Good article about Hemorrhagic Septicemia in Buffalo. A similar H. S. outbreak in buffalo calves is prevailing in Durg town. Surprisingly only calves are affected though adult buffaloes share the same shed . Dyspnea, rattling, thick nasal discharge, high temperature, panting with profuse salivation are the common symptoms. Treatment with antibiotics and steroids had poor success rate. I used Phosphorus a Homeopathic drug which worked out as genus epidemicus, in high potency to treat and prevent, with high success .

Mohammedl Sindhi Mohammedl Sindhi
Veterinary Doctor
February 14, 2013

Interesting article about Hemorrhagic Septicemia in Buffalo. Dear Dr, which drugs have you been using? I also face some cases and all young kids were dying without symptoms

Sharma Madan Lal Sharma Madan Lal
B.V.Sc & AH
February 14, 2013

Dear Dr.
Drug of choice to control the septicemic phase, is Ceftiofur sod.@ 1mg/kg to be given iv or even i/m route along with prednisolone i/m . But at later stage when we hear the gurgling sound, tracheotomy is the best remedy. I have saved many animal at the last stage by putting a hard rubber tube by creating a passage among tracheal rings. Cause of death is NOT septicemia but choking of respiratory tract mainly epiglottisitis.

P.k.sethi P.k.sethi
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
February 17, 2013

This refer to Dr. M.Sindhi about Hemorrhagic Septicemia in Buffalo - I have used Homeopathic drugs Phosphorus in 50 M potency single dose as preventive and B.I.D six times as curative. Please try and let me know the results. A few years back this was used at central semen station to control the O.B. of H.S. in vaccinated bulls when cetofur failed .

Avr Kumar Avr Kumar
March 6, 2013

We had the same problem in few areas where it is confirmed by VBRI also that samples are having the HS + grass titany where sudden death of animals are found within hours. So we are supported with milk producers with mass vaccination + afftected animal are given with my fex + sulphademidine + DNS Now these problems are slowly in reduction stage.

April 15, 2013

The best remedy is timely vaccination with single time booster dose after fist vaccination to whole of the herd, and then following vaccination schedule properly. It will keep the whole herd safe and sound without any stress. This is called A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE

Zahidrafiq Zahidrafiq
Animal Health Technologist
April 16, 2013

Yes , I agree with two times vaccine/year. If any case reported separate animal broncho dilator, antihistamine, Ceftiofur Na, Sulpher group also steroid therapy for 3- 5 days.
Also inject VitE selenium+ Vit AD .
In severe case Tracheotomy is best.

April 16, 2013

Dear Dr. Khan, we appreciate the article. It is well researched and documented.
However, wouldn't ENROFLOXACIN been a better Anti-infective in HS?
Would like to have your commets.

Khadak Bisht Khadak Bisht
Veterinary Doctor
April 16, 2013

Dear Author

Very good work. I would suggest if you could have plotted your epicurve time Vs no of case not the % Mortality.
Secondly what are the factors contributing the disease outbreak?

Ahrar Khan Ahrar Khan
University Professor
April 16, 2013

First strategy for the control of the disease must be prevention. I do agree with Hafiz Wasi that best preventive measures include timely vaccination with single time booster dose after fist vaccination to whole of the herd, and then following vaccination schedule properly. Dr. Hanumanta, you can use enrofloxacin for the treatment of HS. Enrofloxacin, a flouroquinolone antibiotic, has received FDA approval for so many animal species/bacterial pathogens including Pasteurella multocida of cattle which is causative organism of the disease; therefore, it can be used with confidence. Dr. Bisht, for presentation of data, there are hundred and one ways. From this curve one can easily calculate the cases at a given time.

Dr.shahnawaz Dr.shahnawaz
April 25, 2013
Best remedy is Sulpha. IV with aminophylline.
Mohamed Habib Mohamed Habib
Diploma in Reproductive and A
April 30, 2013

I think this points are the keys of solution
1- Vaccination
2- Try to decrease stress factors(temprature-humidity-overcrowdness-managment-viral diseases-cleaning-parasites good nutrition-water etc)
3- Early diagnosis
4- Early treatment
5- Good selection of anti biotic ,anti inflamatory and supportive treatment

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