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Hi, I just want to have information about guar korma. is it used to feed dariy cattle? If yes how many kilos of it should be used per animal? I have heart that it is used by some feed mills in Turkey. But I have another information that it cause milk yield deppression?

Duygu Ekin
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
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July 27, 2011


I have never used Guar Korma myself, but one guy imported a boat load from india. I did some research about it then and remember that it was sour to the cows so not very palatable.....so you have to be careful about the dry matter intake of the cows, and try not to feed over 1kg per hd per day. Good Luck


July 27, 2011


Higher percentage of Crude Protein (CP) 56.88 %.
Higher Digestibility Index,due to elimination of anti nutritive factors.
More desirable and balanced Amino acid Profile.
Higher Energy content and FATS(oil) percentage.(Fat) in G Korma.7.08% in Soya Meal: 0.20% - 1.00%
Total Energy : Guar Korma. - 4050 Kcal/Kg. Soya Meal: 3650 Kcal/Kg
Metabolic Energy (ME) : Guar Korma - -3191 Kcal/Kg. Soya Meal: 2400-2600 Kcal/Kg
Low percentage of less digestible Fibre.
Higher Palatability, complete elimination of peculiar beany odour and taste.
Low content of TVN
Free flowing,uniform fine particle size with good fat and water binding ability.
Dose for Ruminants: 10% to 15%.

More info with test reports are available on request.

Dr. Kapil  Gupta Dr. Kapil Gupta
Veterinary Doctor
July 28, 2011

It is good to feed Guar Kurma to cattle. It is a common feed ingradiente used by indian dairy farmer. In india it is used about 10% -15%.

July 28, 2011

well Kapil,
guar korma is not a common feed ingredient to be used in cattle feed, can be an alternative at the choice of the farmers in par with his economical returns.

above info i have extended is in comparison with soya meal.

in general, guar korma is very rarely used by farmers in India for two good reasons....

a. Odur of the semi processed product, rejected by the animal.
b. processed product, cost is not affordable by Indian farmers.
that is the reason the product being exported considering above mentioned and many other parameters.

I am sure you would be interested in enhancing Natural productivity of better quality milk without changing quality, quantity of feed, fodder, forage, other supplements etc.

The whole world is talking about Energy, not only in animals, also in poultry etc.
You can browse through my Active Energy Molecule Extract product. This is a research product based on NItric Oxide secretion.

In Gurajrat a leading dairy consultant tried on 100 cows and found,

a. min... 18% extra in milk yield in 8 days.
b. min. 12 % FAT & 5% SNF% extra in 8 days.
c. Also recorded very happily that all the animals attained, regained their Natural heat cycle and are happily pregnant and healthy.

Looking forward to launch my research product next month in Gujarat, keep me posted your coordinates, I shall invite you for the launch programme and can share our valuable experience to the benefit of the farmers.

Dr Usama Tayyab Dr Usama Tayyab
Animal Nutritionist
July 28, 2011

In Pakistan i never heard that someone use Guar Korma in cattle feed. 

Thanks to Pari Valal for revealing such information. 

By the way what cost it have?

July 28, 2011

I have been using Guar Korma for my cattle for fattening purpose and was much satisfied with the result.It is available in three forms based on its processing techniques. It is good source of protene where it is available cheaply. processed form is readily accepted by the animals while unprocessed form takes sometime for the animals to accept. In a herd of fattening lot of one year I started with 250 gms/head and went up to 2 kg/head in one month time with fantastic results of weight gain/day

March 25, 2020
Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan Can you share its nutrients profile with us including Net energy for lactation, NE for gain, NE for maintenance, Starch, sugar, RUP and RDP values etc.
Duygu Ekin Duygu Ekin
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
July 28, 2011

Thank You very much to Pari Valal. It is very clear info about Guar Korma. And thank for everybody for sharing experience with me.

July 28, 2011

Around US$ 625 per metric ton CIF Karachi port, Pakistan.

This is Totally Processed, Without out foul smell, wholly consumable.
Product will be available with Quality & Nutritional Value confirmation certificate from a repute third party analytically lab Every time. Find once again complete details.

Product : Gaur Korma Soya Meal

Moisture 2.21 % 9-10%
Crude Protein 56.88 % 46-48%
Total Energy 4050 Kcal/Kg 3650 Kcal/Kg
Metabolic Energy (ME) 3191 Kcal/Kg 2400-2600 Kcal/Kg
Crude Fiber 4.05% 5.00% - 6.00%
Oil content(Fat) 7.08% 0.20% - 1.00%
Sand/Silica 0.15% 0.70% - 1.50%
Carbohydrates 28.54%
Total Phosphorus 0.74% 0.74%
Available Phosphorus 0.23% 0.15 %
Calcium 1.12% 0.35 %
Trypsin Inhibitor Activity 2.0-5.0 mg/g 2.0-5.0 mg/g
Pepsin Digestibility 88.96% 84.0 %– 85.0%
TDN(Total Digestive Nutrient 86.4%
L-Lysine 2.17% 2.40%
L-Methionine 0.57% 0.55%
Salmonella Absent Absent
Below detection limits 1.7 mcg/kg In range of 45-50 mcg/kg

Dosage:- Trials done in past shows that this processed GK can be added to feed in following percentages for high Feed Conversation Ratio(FCR), low mortality and high weight gain :

Broiler : 2.5 % to 3.0%
Layer(2-8 weeks) : 3% to 4 %
Layer(9-18 weeks) : 3.5 % to 4.5%
Ruminants:- 10% to 15%,
Aquaculture:- 10%.

Specialist in Animal Nutrition
July 28, 2011

Guar Korma can be used 2kg/head/day. In Rajasthan cattle farmers are feeding to their animals. It is not palatable but if we increase its quantity slowly in the diet than cows adapt it easily. example in Punjab Progressive Farmers are using 5-8 % of Guar Korma . Secondly, prices of this product are far less than soya meal and nutritional value as detailed above are better. its an good source of UDP because of tennins.The only problem is traces of gums.

July 29, 2011
Hello Manish,

We are talking of many varieties, variants of a particular component to be included in a ration for animals to achieve certain assured levels of health and economic benefits.

So it is vital to have authentic declarations like the summarised specification chart in my previous forum and that is from a 3rd party globally recognised analytical lab and the recommended usage levels to different animals, birds are based on trial reports gathered after months of laborius and dedicated monitoring and involving a good value of money, man hours and intelligence and the works??!!!

This specific comment is focused on the price structure. For sure Processed GK is costlier than Soya meal.

a. GK unprocessed - just ground seed, cost wise is lesser than Soya Meal, Unpalatable, wasted by animals and % of absorption is far less than the processed one, hence there are no expected results and so is waste to be included as an active ingredient in a nutritive feed formula.

b.GK processed - there is an investment on plant, machinery and transfer of technology = standard quality produce every time, proven results, assured benefits over all and costlier, yet is technically, economically Viable and cost effective is what is more important. Also a point to be noted: All the nutrient value are available as it is to the animals enabling max benefits, the process is to remove the unpalatable odor retaining natural nutritive value.

c. Soya Meal: We all know that this is the end product of many extractions from a potent oil seed and the cost is marginally less than roasted GK, where the nutrient value available are not fully metabolised by an animal, one can ascertain theoretical, mathematical, scientific calculation and decide which is better than what.

August 15, 2011

Guar Korma can be used in dairy cattle feed. We have to increase the level of guar korma in feed slowly starting from 2-3%. Initially dairy cows refuse some feed as it is not palatable & some odor problem. Within two days animal start accepting the feed once the animal adapted for guar korma than we can increase level up to 8% in the ration. The nutritive value is excellent & cheapest source of good quality protein. It has relatively high protein content 50-55 % DM. Its lysine (1.72 % DM) and sulphur aminoacids (methionine + cysteine 0.96 % DM) contents are comparable to those of groundnut meal but much lower than those of soybean meal. Its main issues for all species are palatability and antinutritional content.I suggested dairy farmers to add guar korma in feed & observed good results in Punjab. Initially dairy farmer have to kept patience so that animal should adapt for palatability.

Krishan Agarwal Krishan Agarwal
August 24, 2011
As rightly said guar korma is rich in U.D.P. content,fat%and lysine,a critical amino acid following which it could be good source of animal feed but main problem lies in palatabililty of feed. in uttar pradesh we tried to introduce @of 15%in cattle feed but feed was refused by animals by and large.however thouse animalswho consumed the feed the results were positive within week$ time.
Ramesh.d Ramesh.d
October 13, 2011

I had used Guar Korma Meal in my dairy cattle feed ration. Because of it's high sour and unplayability of this meal animals didn't consume the feed. I had more complaints form my customers about this problem. I lost much of amount in my feed business. My advice is ,it is not well in dairy cattle feeds.
Animal feed processor,
Maa Agro Foods,

October 13, 2011

Dear Ramesh I will be very happy to know how much %age of guar korma meal you have used in your feed formulation. I agree with you that as compared to other meals guar meal is a bit unpalatable. Firther it has some sticking quality also which may irritate some animals making it unpalatable and unacceptable.
Two factors are in favor of guar being 1) rich in protein and 2) cheaper
I have been using it successfully and i faced the same problem which you have mentioned but later I reduced the quantity and increased some acceptable ingredients like wheat bran in it.I will suggest to be patient and start using guar in the same wai i did
i wish u all the best and success in your business

Dr. Kapil  Gupta Dr. Kapil Gupta
Veterinary Doctor
October 14, 2011

we are using avg. 8 % guar korma in our feed regularly and some time we use 9.5 %, but till today we didnot get any complaint from field.
Dear ramesh inclusion of guar korma is also depands on other materials, if you are using any low palatable material, so you will have to reduce it. can you tell me do you use molasses and what is percantages.
If you are not using guar korma just because of its palatability. so please use molasses minimum 10% or some flavour like coconut vanilla, molasses and sucram depends on price.
Feeding of Guar korma up to 10 % is not harmful for animals.

Sushil Chandra Sushil Chandra
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
October 14, 2011

Guar korma is very commonly used in Gujrat by dairy owners and it is being used to the tune of 15% +
But dairy cows in west and south don`t accept this because of palletibilty problem due to bitter smell.How ever with small quantities of 2-3 % it can be tried out
Dr S Chandra

October 14, 2011
I think Mr Sushil Chandra is right and I have been using up to 15% without any problem. a formulator always checks the acceptability of feed with his own animals before recommending or supplying to others. Any refusal from animals should be checked and by adding more acceptable material the formulation can be made acceptable as suggested Dr Chandr
Sushil Chandra Sushil Chandra
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
October 14, 2011

If animal is new to guar korma start at low level of 1 to 2% and then after a week increase to 4 to5% keep it for another week and then can increase to 7 -10% and thereafter 12-15%
At every level the palletbility need to be observed which is very important.

Dr s chandra

October 17, 2011

Quite interesting forum about Guar Korma

Muhammad Iqbal Sabir Muhammad Iqbal Sabir
Animal Nutritionist
October 20, 2011

Guar Meal is well known name as we commonly use in Poultry feed, but Guar Korma is new name,
Further It is a thumb rule for animal nutrition that we must avoid abrupt change in feeding regimen even when we change concentrate of same ingredients from an other feed mill, it should be divided in to 14 doses and we may add increase one part daily to completely shift to new concentrate after 2 week, similarly we should use this Guar corma accordingly,
IMPORTANT Keeping in view, its nutrients results shown earlier it can be used for feed lot fattening animals with molasses to make it more palatable, and to avoid anti nutritional contents we may add Maize gruel,Wheat bran which is best flusher also to avoid all sorts of ill effects. Thanks

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