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Foot and mouth Disease in cows

Forum: FMD effected Cows future

Hi dear all

kindly share your opinion on the futre of FMD effected cows. what would be impact on current lactation? and wht would be effect on reproduction?

waiting for ur expert opinion



Hassan Subhani
Agricultural Engineer
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Franklin Fu Franklin Fu
Veterinary Doctor
February 10, 2010

in current,the disease seriously affect the dairy cow ,especially mastitis caused by the disease

February 11, 2010

FMD causes destruction in all glandular tissues especially in digestive system. Besides it causes some tissue wounds in reproductive tracks thus sometimes it results abortion and dead calves it also affects reproduction in cows which are in service period. Mammal tissues are also one of the main targets of FMD virus and it causes external and internal tissue wounds there so you can loss till [percent]80 milk production of cow even you can loss all udder.
In long term it can cause [percent] 30-40 reduction of your total income for one year.
It is advisable to exclude severely affected cows from your herd in order to prevent long term loss.
My Regards

February 13, 2010

You have asked two questions
1. What will be the effect of Foot and mouth Disease in cows on current lactation
2. what will be the effect on future reproduction in cow survived after FMD
We have to understand the fact that FMD is not a killer disease but it is econonmical one.
Though in certain cases even death is also reported but that may not be due to FMD but may be due to some other complications arising due to so many other factors developed after FMD attack.
In current lactation due to stress caused by FMD, up to 75[percent]loss of milk is normally seen.
With proper vigilance, effective management and passage of time, this loss further can be minimized to 60[percent] and this loss has to be accepted in current lactation as the animal from the stress of FMD will not regain its production till next.
Once the animals is recovered,there should not be any problem in reproduction however effect of previous FMD stress will certainly be there on milk production(20[percent] to 25[percent]) less than the original production.
1.Protect your herd from FMD by observing proper and timely vaccination schedule. One booster dose in life time will give extra gaurantee in protection against this disease
Cull and replace such animals with healthy and potential animals as the presence of such affected animals will affect the over all productivity of your herd

Dr.Durgesh Gupta Dr.Durgesh Gupta
February 14, 2010

The short term farm level economic impact of foot and mouth disease outbreak in a large scale dairy farm was assessed during quarantine period (35 days) and 60 days after lifting the quarantine. Direct and indirect areas that contribute to financial losses were identified for the period of observation (95 days) the greatest direct financial impact due to milk losses (42.0[percent]) followed by purchase of additional feeds (13.6[percent]) and culling of milk cows that developed chronic mastitis (12.5[percent]). the other direct costs were extra labor inputs (8.9[percent]), veterinary fees (3.3[percent]), transport (3.0[percent]) deaths(3.0[percent]) drugs(2.9[percent]) abortions (1.4[percent]) and chemicals (0.5). the indirect costs associated with the effects of the quarantine period on other farm enterprises. The factors that would determine the magnitude of the financial losses due to an outbreak of FMD are discussed.

February 22, 2010

In case of Foot and mouth Disease in cows we shuld under stand its practical situation. It will basically affect the mouth and feet. In case of grazing the animal movement will be restricted and Feed Intake will suffer a lot due to mouth lesions. Animal will need soft feeding. The loe FI will affect the production and cause serious physical stress. The low FI will alos descrease the immunity against different diseases and animal will be subjected to secondary ailments.
The in milk prouction depends on severity of disease and management. It maight production from 40 to 80[percent] depending upon yiur farm conditions. The reproductive cycle will also be affected depending on stage on your animals from delay in heat onset, increasing the dry period and calving interval and even abortion.
After curing the diasease animals will never return to normal production cycle in the same lactation evevn in subsequant one. If an animal was giving 10 L milk, it will to 4L and after cure might it attain 6L level but all varies animal to animal and farm to farm.
If in milk production and economic losses are calculated (if you are efficient enough to maintain these records and calculate cost/L basis), some time such animals are needed to cull. But it is not easy job, production is not the only perameter to make decision, the gentic contrebution of such animals in another factor.

February 22, 2010
Dear Seniors and Experts

thank you for your valuable comments on my query. can some one send me any study made by any other on such cows. Thank you once again. God bless you all with Good health and wealth

February 24, 2010

We recently had an Foot and mouth Disease in cows outbreak at our farm about 33[percent] of our herd was effected, but with proper management and up to the mark feeding helped us come back up to 90 [percent] production in many of the animals and 65 [percent] for most. the even more disturbing factor was to take care about the Mastitis, we regularly used inter mamary infusions for that during and after FMD for mastitic cows.

February 24, 2010

Thank you Asim for your valuble comments and sharing of your expirance with us. can you please elaborate two things point which you menetion in your comments
1- Managment
2- up to the mark feed.

this will help us every to understand who to fight in Foot and mouth Disease in cows sitiuation

thank you once again



April 9, 2010

Up to the mark feeding means Feed the cow what ever it can eat and fill her up,

We fed Egyption Clover because it is soft and has a good water content.

Proper managment was extreme care for each individual cow with 12 hourly checkups.

mastitis remained an issue as it relapsed after some time in the Sevear cases.

May 9, 2010
Hello. I agree with Hafiz Wasi M.Khans comments. However, stress and effects of FMD were much severe in cross breds rather than our indegnous cows. F1 cows recovered mostly in same lactation,but cows with more than the 50 percent Fresian blood took much longer and there was high mortality in calves.
March 23, 2012

Hi everybody,

we now awaiting new import from Au my question to all of you 
1/ how soon you would vaccinate - Foot and mouth Disease in cows
2/ would you vaccinate right on point of arrival in KPT before they are loaded on vehicles

I´d appreciate input from all soon

Gd Mshelia Gd Mshelia
Veterinary Doctor
March 9, 2013

Thank you all for this useful discussion on FMD. I will be very glad if someone can send me some PDF aricles (Reprints) or references that will help me in the writing of an article on the the "effect of FMD on reproduction in ruminants".
Thank you in anticipation.
Mshelia GD

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