Supplement B vitamins in dairy cow diets

Forum: Consider rumen-protected B vitamins for dairy cows

Published on: 04/25/2011
Author/s : John Hibma (Nutritionist)
Until recently there has not been a significant push to supplement B vitamins in dairy cow diets since they are known to be synthesized in large amounts in a cow's rumen. It has been recognized for many years that B vitamins are essential for various aspects of a cow's metabolism, her overall health and milk production. As milk production per cow has increased over the years, it may very well be...
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Dr.Thirumeignanam, D., Dr.Thirumeignanam, D.,
PhD in Animal Nutrition
April 26, 2011


very intersting topic rumen protected B vitamins for dairy cows. Really we need more studies on need of rumen protection. with proper design of experiments. Kindly share the articles on protected B vitamins

April 26, 2011
Brain storming article about the chemistry of rumen metabolism. such studies must continue as the farmer needs health and higher production of his animals. Such studies show different possible options which can lead for better health and higher production of animals
Salman Salman
Animal Nutritionist
April 26, 2011

Thank's for your article about rumen-protected B vitamins for dairy cows. 

Dr.P.George Kunju John Dr.P.George Kunju John
Feed Consultant
April 27, 2011

Dear Dr.John,
Appreciate the article where in majority of farm managers believe that B vitamins for dairy cows. Further more the quantity of these nutrients are too small to get mixed homogeneously along with the macro nutrients and feed ingrediants. Therefore, they could not percieve the beneficial action. In some farms vitamines are mixed in the premix along with trace minerals thereby the vitamines loose the potency while storage. However, the requirement of these essential elements in ration could not be ignored for dairy cows producing over 10 litres of milk per day. In order to make these nutrients more available in side the digestive tract of cows it is imperative to develop feed technology to protect them from chemicals, feed process and rumen fermentation. If Dr. John can throw more light on the subject would be appreciated.

Dr. Masood Ahmed Dr. Masood Ahmed
Marketing Manager
April 27, 2011

Good article about rumen protected B vitamins for dairy cows. With increasing demand of production, rumen protected B vitamins require more insight and this article had been able to throw some light on the subject.

April 27, 2011

Good insight about rumen protected B vitamins for dairy cows
Will really have to study more.
Are there any commercially available Rumen ByPass Vitamin Products for farm users?

Philippe Gossart Philippe Gossart
April 27, 2011
Dear John bonjour,
Once more, we can say the dairy cow nutrition is complex.
Your biblio compiling has also the merit to focus on the great interest & action of the cellulolytic rumen bacteria.
Thank you to write this:
« rumen microbes have the ability to both detroy ans synthesize B vitamins… »
It is a great message…
Vit B12 is also an essential key to change propionate (endogenious & exogenious) into glucose… and for the dairy cow , this could be of some use…No ?
Without a correct quantity of Vit B12, the propionate (endogenious & exogenious) will be partially or totally changed into MMA (methyl malonic acid) & eliminated in the urina…. an economic loss
Dairy cow nutrition is complex. It is a technic or maybe again an art ?
Thank you John.
Philippe Gossart
Hailu Mazengia Yimam Hailu Mazengia Yimam
Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology
April 27, 2011

Thanks for your interesting article about rumen protected B vitamins for dairy cows!!

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