balanced ration for dairy animals

Forum: Balanced Ration for Dairy Animals

Published on: 07/03/2009
Author/s : Dr. Aamir Sharif Cheema, Veterinary Officer (Health) Incharge Governmnet Disease Disagnostic Laboratory
Pakistan is at number 4th among the top milk producing countries of the world, with an annual milk production of over 33 billion liters. The milk produced within the Pakistan is due to increased number of animals, not due to high yield of milk on animal basis. Very low production on per animal basis is due to malnutrition in our dairy animals. Provision of balanced ration containing supplements / ...
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April 16, 2013

Dear Habib Memon it will be easier for me to suggest something if you please update what already you are using. It looks you are a potential farmer if you have urge to maintain 14 level in buffaloes and I will like to help you

Dr.R.Unni Krishnan Dr.R.Unni Krishnan
March 16, 2014
There can be no second opinion with regard to the importance of balanced nutrition vis a vis production and productivity.
TMR holds great promise and potential for farmers in India and Pakistan where the problems faced by farmers are more or less the same.Either there is a deficiency of fodder both green dry and to overcome this farmers resort to feeding extra concentrates which then becomes uneconomical.Then there is the other extreme where feeding concentrates is not resorted to by farmers due to increased cost.
To overcome this and to feed both the concentrate and fodder components in the optimum proportions we have devised a TMR dairy feed,which has proved highly successful.
Dr.R. Unni Krishnan
Livestock consultant
Ziki Vet Ziki Vet
Veterinary Doctor
January 26, 2015

This article is good but i don´t agree with protein and fat source which is mentioned in this article. All grains are good source of protein and all cake are good source of fat (cotton, soybean etc) but it´snot clear in this article

July 13, 2020
It is very useful information
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