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Grains are the main source of energy to Ruminants as practiced today. But anatomically and physiologically ruminants are designed to digest roughages and fibrous feed to produce VFA's to meet out the ...
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I would thank information....
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In ruminants concentrates, oils\fats inclusion is lower that in monogastrics' ones, where low durability and pasty textures can be found due to high inclusion of fats. In ruminants diets, where fats l...
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Dear Users, This is an interesting forum from our Spanish community, generated by Francisco Piedrahita from Colombia: I would like to know some theoretical curve representing the behavior of a co...
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Please I have several producers that have problems with their cows related to repetitive tympanism, ie cows present abdominal pain daily. I have checked the grass they eat and I must say that in many ...
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