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Article published the June 1, 2020:

In Vitro Rumen Simulations Show a Reduced Disappearance of Deoxynivalenol, Nivalenol and Enniatin B at Conditions of Rumen Acidosis and Lower Microbial Activity

1. Introduction Mycotoxins are secondary fungal metabolites that are harmful to animals and humans [1]. Monogastric animals are considered to be more susceptible to the toxic effects of mycotoxins than ruminan...
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Sandra DebevereSiegrid De BaereSiska CroubelsVeerle Fievez
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Article published the May 5, 2020:

Mepron® increased the Performance of Danish Dairy Herds

Many European dairy farmers suffered a lot from the bad milk price situation in the past few years. Fortunately, prices have stabilized over the last two years and farmers look to continue to be profitable. N...
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Claudia Parys
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Article published the April 28, 2020:

Food safety against milk mycotoxins: The guarantee through a natural and efficient solution

On the past two decades, diseases caused by food have been emerging as a major and growing public health and economic issue in many countries. Due to recent world crisis with some animal products,food safety is...
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Liliana Longo BorgesMelina Aparecida Bonato
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Article published the April 27, 2020:

Actisaf® and Safmannan® help reduce microbial contamination in beef cattle carcasses

Each year, about one in 10 people worldwide become sick with foodborne illnesses, resulting in 420,000 deaths out of a total infected population of 600 million people. The WHO (World Health Organization) esti...
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Mohamed Mammeri
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Article published the April 24, 2020:

Not necessary high milk production needs to be related to lower fertility under heat stress conditions

Achieving high conception rate is one of the conditions for achieving efficient production of milk at farm level. For many years the Israeli dairy industry suffered, like other farms in warm countries, a signif...
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Israel Flamenbaum
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Article published the April 21, 2020:

Robotic Automation and Its Role in Milk Production

Those days are long gone when cows were enclosed within a pen to restrain their movement. Now they are set free at the farm until brought inside the milking area. As for the milking of cows is concerned, it is ...
Author/s :
Jackson Nay
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Article published the April 20, 2020:

The relationship between hours per day above THI threshold and cow's performance, under Israeli summer

Dairy sectors all over the world have been using the cattle heat load index (THI) as a mean of characterizing the climatic conditions to which cows are exposed. This is true when analyzing the results of experi...
Author/s :
Israel FlamenbaumYaniv Lavon
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Article published the April 17, 2020:

Selsaf®, a natural source of selenium with dual protection and dual benefits

In 1817, selenium (Se) was isolated for the first time by Berzelius. At that time little was known about its biological function, until its nutritional requirement was revealed about 140 years later by Schwar...
Author/s :
Ruth Raspoet
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Article published the March 31, 2020:

Metabolic Consequences of Inflammation and Leaky Gut

Dairy cows alter their metabolic, hormonal, mineral, and immunological systems as they transition from pregnancy to lactation. Following parturition cows are unable to consume enough nutrients to meet the ene...
Author/s :
Erin HorstLance Baumgard
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Article published the March 5, 2020:

Improved Performance of Grass-fed Beef supplemented with Silvafeed® ByPro

Global demand for animal proteins is foreseen to increase by 22% (Figure 1). Thus, one of the main challenges for 2050, in addition to meeting the high expectations in terms of food production, is facing the va...
Author/s :
Marcelo Manella
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