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Article published the July 29, 2021:

Decreasing Dietary Cation-Anion Balances in Holstein Cows

Author/s :
Luciano Andriguetto
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Article published the July 26, 2021:

Revisiting Oxidative Stress and the Use of Organic Selenium in Dairy Cow Nutrition

1. IntroductionIn commercial dairy and beef production, a range of stresses are responsible for economic losses associated with the decreased productive and reproductive performance of cows. It has been shown t...
Author/s :
Peter Surai
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Article published the July 16, 2021:

Feeding Moringa oleifera fresh or ensiled to dairy cows—effects on milk yield and milk flavor

Author/s :
Bryan Gustavo Mendieta Araica
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Article published the July 12, 2021:

Anticoccidial drugs of the livestock industry

IntroductionCoccidiosis is an infectious disease of the intestinal tract of wild and domestic animals caused by different protozoa. These include but are not limited to Isospora, Neospora, Cryptosporidium, and ...
Author/s :
H. David ChapmanPaul Selzer
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Article published the July 2, 2021:

Selecting and Managing Your Milking Facility

IntroductionDecisions concerning the milking center are some of the most complicated decisions a dairy producer has to make. Milking procedures, herd size, expansion plans, milking interval and the equity posit...
Author/s :
David A. Reid, DVM
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Article published the June 25, 2021:

Indigestible neutral detergent fibers: Relationship between forage fragility and neutral detergent fibers digestibility in total mixed ration and some feedstuffs in dairy cattle

IntroductionA wide range of in vitro and in situ techniques are used as alternatives to in vivo measurement of ruminal fiber availability. Fiber digestibility and forage fragility are critical factors should to...
Author/s :
Dr. mostafa soufizadeh
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Article published the June 10, 2021:

Olfactory Concepts of Insect Control-Alternative to Insecticides

Author/s :
Jean-François Picimbon
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Article published the June 8, 2021:

Development and assessment of a low-cost embedded system for evaluation of animal thermal comfort

IntroductionThe challenge of the contemporary production of agricultural products is intrinsically linked to optimizing processes and production costs. Ensuring thermal comfort, considering that the intense inc...
Author/s :
Welington Gonzaga do Vale
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Article published the May 12, 2021:

La Cantabra dairy farm in the north of Mexico a look after six years of implementing an intensive cooling system

In a previous article published some years ago here, dealing with cooling project that I accompanied in northern Mexico, I described the results from the first and second years of its implementation. The data w...
Author/s :
Israel Flamenbaum
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Article published the May 7, 2021:

Identification and validation of operational welfare indicators appropriate for small-scale goat farming in Chile

1. IntroductionGoat production in Chile is carried out by poor small-scale farmers in semi-arid to arid agricultural conditions [1]. Milk and cheese are the main products obtained using artisanal, cultural and ...
Author/s :
Hernan Canon Jones
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