Organic Minerals for Ruminants

Organic Micro Minerals for Ruminants

Published on: 6/21/2011
Author/s : Per Theilgaard (Vitfoss Denmark)

Why use organic micro minerals?

Use of organic micro minerals (Zn, Cu and Mn) has a positive effect on hoof health, udder health, reproduction and milk yield.

How are inorganic micro minerals absorbed?

Inorganic micro minerals have to be dissolved in the digestive fluid (is transformed into ionic form) and then bound to a suitable adjuvant (generally an amino acid) before the micro mineral can be absorbed through the intestinal wall into the blood. However there are many obstacles on the way because the micro mineral can be bound to other substances in the digestive tract and thus establish inaccessible complexes that are excreted with faeces. This means a low utilisation of the relevant inorganic micro mineral.

How are organic micro minerals absorbed?

Chelated micro minerals are inorganic minerals that are "dissolved" on a chemical factory and then bound to 1-3 amino acids. The chemical bond means that complex bindings are avoided and the micro mineral is ready for uptake in the digestive system. In practice it means that chelated micro minerals are absorbed 2-3 times better than similar inorganic micro minerals.

Chelated micro minerals come in many different products and qualities. Therefore we see different effects in tests and in practical farming. Vitfoss recommend using organic micro minerals where the micro mineral in question is bound to only 1 amino acid, because that ensures the best uptake in the organism.

Therefore supply of organic micro minerals means:

  • Better and a more secure absorption  
  • Strengthening of the immune system in general  
  • Strengthening of the cow´s intermediary mechanisms that is important for yield, fertility and hoof strength 

Organic minerals should be given as an extra supplement to the normal micro mineral supplement.

Each micro mineral can be supplied separately or in a mixture. The best effect is achieved by allocating all 3 micro minerals.

Organic minerals are easy to allocate through a mineral compound.

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