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CHIKIMUNE Balanced nutritional pack for neonatal chick care


CHIKIMUNE scientifically developed neonatal nutritional supplement formula for hatchling during its first 72 hours of nutritional requirement. CHIKIMUNE is an optimum nutritional mixture, containing balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants & herbal extracts. The nutritional formula for CHIKIMUNE saves the macromolecules present in residual yolk & diverts them for immunomodulation & gut development. Besides enhancement of immunity, it helps in villi growth & enterocyte differentiation by providing early nutrition to the chick.


  • Initiating growth momentum in new hatchlings
  • Overcoming yolk anti nutrition
  • Stimulating residual yolk utilization
  • Helps in absorption of maternal antibodies
  • Potentiating maternal immune response
  • Enhancing gut development for efficient nutrient utilization & assimilation
  • Better growth, performance ,production & livability
  • As instant energy source & Vitaliser
  • Checks early chick mortality


Usage guidelines

  • Add 1 kg powder in  1 litre potable water & mix to get a uniform paste.
  • Administer the prepared paste orally @ 4-6 gm per day per chick for first two days. Ensure that the paste is provided during transportation from hatchery to farm. Normal overhead lighting is required for consumption to occur.

Commercial information


1 kg metalized polybag