Tilapia: Miracle Fish (Part 2)

Published on: 04/25/2018
Author/s : Ramon Kourie, Chief Technical Officer, SustAqua Fish Farms (Pty) Ltd.

The article “Tilapia - Miracle Fish (Part 1)” explained that “Market opportunities for green growth and special quality tilapia produced using sustainable intensification technologies should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a liability.” These green growth initiatives have been followed up in this article, Tilapia - Miracle Fish (Part 2) - it features an in-depth vie...

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April 25, 2018
Good Day Ramon

Would you be able to share information with me regarding the "Work in South Africa on the development of pure breeds of the euryhaline species, Mozambique tilapia, raised in sea water in what is believed to be a project of strategic food security for the country is set to begin in 2018."?

We have tons of naturally occurring O. mossambicus growing up with our Dusky Kob. You can email me, neil@zinifishfarms.co.za


May 16, 2018
Good Day RAMON

I was under the impression that TILAPIA was regarded as a alien species in the WESTERN CAPE. please forgive my ignorance if I was wrong. We have a good water source and is totally
insulated from any open water BERGRIVER nearest by +- 30 kms.As we are in the process of
planning a large aquaponic indoor system I am very interested in adding TALAPIA Please
advise me Thanks and best regards dsmalan@yahoo.com
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