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Preventing disease in Aquaculture

Published on: 07/02/2021
Author/s : Phileo by Lesaffre

Disease management and prevention has become one of the top priorities for the aquaculture industry. This is due partly to economic losses, caused by disrupted production, and partly to sustainability issues and increased pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics and chemicals. The risks associated with drug resistant pathogens, environmental impacts, and  consumer perceptions of antibiot...

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Madhab Bahadur Pantha Madhab Bahadur Pantha
Chief Fisheries Development
July 17, 2021
It is true. In Nepal fish feed fermented for few days resulted digestibility & fish growth in carp fry. Similarly fish feed mixed with pest of tender grass & yeast, allowed to ferment for a week has not only increased feed digestibility but also improved feed appetite in carp fry.
José Antonio Estrada Godinez José Antonio Estrada Godinez
Doctor en Ciencias en el Uso, Manejo y Preservación de los Recursos Naturales con orientación en Acuicultura
July 27, 2021

Madhab Bahadur Pantha

Such data are very interesting. Can you tell us where are they published to read more about It?

Thank you very much.

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Louis Landesman
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