A Perusal on Ion Regulation and Osmotic Pressure in the Mnemiopsis Leidyi Existing in Caspian Sea

Published on: 06/03/2022
Author/s : A. Bayrami 1, B. Abtahi 1, E. Talebi 2 and S. Rahimpouran 2. / 1 DOS in Marine Biology, Tarbiat Modarres University, PO Box: 14115-356, Iran; 2 Islamic Azad University, Darab Branch, PO Box: 74817-83143, Darab, Fars, Iran.

IntroductionCtenophora, a phylum of animal kingdom, is obiquoitous. Mnemiopsis leidyi is one of the species of comb-jelly belongs to Ctenphora phylum. The main habitat of this ctenophore is the east coast of North and South America, which covers the Atlantic coastal zone from latitude 40° North to 46° South (Harbison and Volovik, 1994). The introduction of this species into the Caspian Sea...

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