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Due to its constant growth in terms of companies number and volumes of fish bred in artificial ponds Russian aquaculture market is considered by fishfood manufacturers very attractive.

A wise man said, we are what we eat. It’s hard to deny, while one’s daily food significantly influences the look. The same is true about the fish, i.e. the quality of end product made of fish completely depends on its feed and diet.

The number of fish-farms in Russia is growing rapidly lately which results in increasing demand for high-quality fish feed. Alexey Yapontzev, Head Project Expert on Fishfood, ZAO Gatchinsky KKZ, expounded on the main trends and opportunities of Russian fishfood market.

- Alexey, would you, please, comment on the current situation and main trends observed at global fishfood market?

Global development of aquaculture inevitably results in increase of fishfood production. While fish flour has always been the main component of fish feed, increasing demand for the latter gives way to its growing consumption in the above application. It should be noted herewith, that the certain part of the fishfood is consumed by poultry and pig farms while some bird and pig food should contain high-quality fish flour. However, fishfood application share may exceed its usage for live-stock animals’ feeding in dozen times. It is the fact that has given rise to the main current trend at the global fishfood market which is searching of green alternatives to fish flour proteins. Thereby the key target of the research works under way is maintaining at the current level of such effective fish breeding indexes as growth rates, feed ratio and preservation.
Special attention is paid to the reduction of indigested phosphorus contained in the food and staying in waters. In this case green components can be effective as well as introduction of phytase enzyme which facilitates intake of phosphorus coming from plant cells.

- Is Russian fish industry getting enough high-quality fishfood?

- Due to its constant growth in terms of companies number and volumes of fish bred in artificial ponds Russian aquaculture market is considered by fishfood manufacturers very attractive. Because of the tough competiontion at the fishfood market the quality of these products remains at a very high level, so the farmers should not experience lack in the food subject to the pursueing of a reasonable feeding program.

- What Russian regions are characterized by the highest demand for fishfood?

- The Northern West of Russia disposes the most favorable conditions for trout and salmon farming, so this aquaculture site specifically requires fishfood (for valuable species). Central part and the South breed carps commercially, but due to the low cost of grain and its derivatives the latter is used as a direct fishfood without processing them into feed pellets.

- What is the share of the imported fish feed at Russian market?

Imported products have been prevailing at Russian market for a long time. Our major suppliers are Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands.

- And how would you describe fishfood manufacture in our country?

In Russia manufacture of professional fish feed highly competitive to the global counterparts has been developed by ZAO Gatchinsky KKZ for 5 years, since 2006, and by Aquarex from Tver since 2009. The above companies maintain high level of the production pattern and equipment capability as well as the feed formula and its nouritive value.
Russian products of high quality are gaining wide popularity among Russian fish-farmers, thus restoring customers’ loyalty to home manufacturers lost within previous years.
This way Russian fish feed manufactures are increasing production and widening geography of their business, staying, however, within the borders of the country – most of Russian companies are not exporting their products. Anyway, import share decline is a real achievement as well. Besides, Russian fish feed manufacturers are not limited by customs, requirements of additional veterinary researches, and long termed deliveries, and some of the are offering favorable terms of credit supplies.

The Expert’s Comment
Elena Maslennikova, Head Researcher,
DISCOVERY Research Group:

Russian fishfood export-import structure can be described as follows:


In 2009 there was imported 273 000 tonnes of products for live-stock animals’ and commercial fish species’ feed for the total amount of $ 354 mln. In 2010 the import of the above goods made 320 000 tonnes volume terms or $ 417 mln in value terms.

In 2010 the major manufacturers importing commercial fish species’ feed were REHURAISIO OY, BIOMAR A/S, SKRETTING AS, TROUW, ALLER AQUA. As per 2010 the leading importer of commercial fish species’ feed in terms of supplied products volume is REHURAISIO OY which market share in import segment makes 34%. Te leading importer of commercial fish species’ feed in monetary terms is found to be REHURAISIO OY (34%) as well.

Author: Elena Maximova
Source: SFERA food magazine, Russia http://magazine.sfera.fm/#43/world1004

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