Dietary potassium diformate (KDF) on survival of juvenile white-leg shrimp

Forum: Effect of dietary potassium diformate (KDF) on survival of juvenile white-leg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, challenged with Vibrio harveyi under controlled conditions

Published on: 03/06/2012
Author/s : Kai-J. Kühlmann, Orapint Jintasataporn and Christian Lückstädt (Addcon)
Pond production of intensively farmed white-leg shrimps, Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931), exceeded 2 million t in Central America and Southeast Asia in 2007, achieved through high-quality shrimp-feed supply in modern aquaculture. Despite progress in shrimp nutrition and new feed formulation strategies in recent years, disease outbreaks caused by pathogenic bacteria in shrimp ponds often result ...
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Zhang Zhang
Animal Nutritionist
March 6, 2012
could you explian what is the model of action?
Christian Lückstädt Christian Lückstädt
Animal Nutritionist
March 7, 2012
Dear Dr. Zhang,
potassium diformate is widely used in the livestock and aquaculture industry. Its mode of action is many-fold. The double salt of the formic acid is for instance able to reduce the pH in the fore gut (stomach), thus having an impact on protein digestion. On the other hand, the chemical molecule is able to exert a strong antimicrobial effect against gram-negative bacteria. This has been demonstrated from various sources - the non-dissociated part of organic acids is able to enter into the the cell and causes energy expenditure (H+ ATPase pump) and may interfere with the DNA-synthesis, thus leading to cell death. Since Vibrio harveyi is a gram-negative bacteria exactly that has happened and therefore the mortality caused by the bacteria culd be significantly reduced once potassium diformate was applied.
tapan das tapan das
September 1, 2016
June 3, 2020
July 4, 2019
Nice information
June 3, 2020

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