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Forum: Cheap fish food: Palm oil, lowly maggot poised to boost income, cut pollution

Published on: 03/17/2009
Source : Agence France Presse via Yahoo News
Hard-pressed farmers in developing countries could be thrown an economic lifeline after a lucky discovery by French scientists involving a useless palm oil by-product and the lowly maggot. The synergy of two otherwise nuisance agents produced a virtually cost-free feed for farmed fish while reducing a pungent source of pollution -- a potential boon in countries like Indonesia, one of the world's ...
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Igwe Eddy Igwe Eddy
clinical pharmacist
March 17, 2009

Dear sir,
Good article about cheap fish food. I am delighted to read about this discovery. It is of particular interest to me in four ways:
1: I am a catfish farmer and consultant to many other farmers in Nigeria where high cost of feeding has dealt heavy losses to farmers and consequential quitting from catfish farming by many farmers in my locality.
2: I have been working on a similar project with waste product of maize in maize starch (pap) production. I have almost abandoned the project due to lack of fund, but with this discovery I am encouraged.
3: Nigerian fish farmers have been looking for a bail out route from the high cost of feeding their stock.
4: However I would like to know the health implications on the fish fed with the newly discovered cheap food.
I once more express my delight with this discovery, and suggest further research or information on the long term health benefits/defects.

Dr Igwe U Eddy

December 18, 2009
its not hard to do maggot feed just find a
place were you can grow them out
there are 4 or 5 ways to do this iv sen it being done in asia
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