Effects of soybean meal replacement with fermented soybean meal on growth, serum biochemistry and morphological condition of liver and distal intestine of Florida pompano Trachinotus carolinus

Published on: 09/12/2018
Author/s : R. Novriadi 1,2; M. Rhodes 1; M. Powell 3; T. Hanson 1; D.A. Davis 1. / 1 School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA; 2 Batam Mariculture Development Center, Directorate General of Aquaculture, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Batam, Indonesia; 3 Aquaculture Research Institute, University of Idaho, Hagerman, ID, USA.


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September 12, 2018
Do we know the FCRs when compared with a natural diet in the wild?
September 13, 2018
Nice topic
September 16, 2018

Soybean meal (SBM) after fishmeal the most expensive ingredient in the fish feed. Furthermore, the anti-nutritional factors present in SBM such as lectins, protease inhibitors, antigenic compounds and so on tend to reduce the fish’s growth and effect of pathological changes on its intestinal mucosa. Once the SBM level exceeded 50% in the feed, this induces mucous membrane inflammation and damages the intestinal mucous membrane. So, it is very necessary to find other plant protein sources to partially or totally replace SBM to solve this problem. Fermented soybean meal to replace soybean is a good idea however, the overall incorporation level in the feed also should be checked thoroughly.

September 16, 2018
Do you have any recommendation maximum level of SBM on feed?
If any different between fresh water, marine fish, and shrimp.
September 16, 2018

Say we are in the field of supplying feed supplement. We can give in one product macro and micronutrients with probiotics and a good amount of organic carbon.

This is yeast base fermentation with good results. Maintains integrity of the digestive system with good FCR.

September 21, 2018

Incorporation up to 25-30% is fine

October 1, 2018

Thanks for the good ideas to bring it. Now I know a lot more.

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