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Can EDTA reduce hardness of Vannamei culture pond

Can anyone help me know whether we can use EDTA to reduce the water hardness of shrimp culture pond?

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Andreas Laggis Andreas Laggis
Master's degree in Fisheries Science
June 17, 2019
It is hard to understand your question. EDTA is used to stabilise PH in larval culture of shrimps and thus maintain diatom blooms, but not for "hardness" of water in culture ponds (as far as I know, but I may be wrong). Please be more precise with your question.
Divakar Divakar
June 17, 2019
Andreas Laggis . . Thanks for your valuable response. Here in India Vannamei farmers are believing that the EDTA is reducing water hardness , may be due to its metal chelating property. According to my knowledge , metal chelating property is found at higher pH environment. Personally I have checked with a lab results Before and after EDTA application there is no change in the hardness of water . . .

But the farmers still believe that the application of EDTA , brings some changes in animal behaviour like . . . Reducing moulting stress and subsequently maintaining growth increment.

An additional information is they are using EDTA 5 kg on the moulting days. . . When the water hardness is more than 6500ppm.

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