Umberto Calderon
Umberto Calderon
Lima, Lima, Peru

Q-rex® Cephalosporinic antibiotic for cow's milk


Injectable suspension
Cephalosporinic antibiotic, with zero residues in milk, ready for use.

FORMULA: Ceftiofur (as ceftiofur sodium) 50 mg; Excipients and carrier q.s. ad 1 mL.

INDICATIONS: Betalactamic cephalosporinic wide spectrum antibiotic of the latest generation ready for use; active against gram positive and gram negative bacteria including bacterial strains that produce Beta lactamase (penicillinase). Indicated in all infectious processes caused by germs that are sensitive to ceftiofur sodium.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Intramuscular or subcutaneous route. Bovines: 1 mL for each 50 kg of weight. Pigs: 0.6 to 1 mL for each 10 kg of weight. Horses: 2.2 to 4.4 mL for each 50 kg of weight. Ovines, south american camelids and goats: 0.22 to 0.44 mL for each 10 kg of weight. Dogs: 0.044 mL (2.2 mg of ceftiofur) for each kilogram of weight. Chicken and turkey (aged one day): 0.0034 to 0.01 mL per chicken.

Commercial information

  • Glass vial of 20 mL

  • Glass vial of 50 mL

  • Glass vial of 100 mL.