Chemical process of making bio-diesel

Published on: 01/28/2008
Source : The Herald Business / All Africa

Although "bio-diesel"  has "diesel"  as part of its name, pure bio-diesel doesn't contain any petroleum-based diesel. Instead, bio-diesel is created from organic matter. It can be made from virtually any vegetable oil, including soya, maize, rapeseed (canola), jatropha, palm, peanut or sunflower as well as used or waste cooking oil, animal fats or even algae. In fact, when Dr Rudolf Dies...

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Ignacio Arancibia Ignacio Arancibia
Chemical Engineer
January 28, 2008
Here in our country (Chile) we are just starting with this biodiesel processing, mainly with rape oil and some used vegetable oils.
I would like to know what are the principal difficulties that we have to warn to processing animal fats (chicken, pig). What is the difference to processing such kind of fats compared with processing vegetable oils?
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