Jose E. Ferrer, Jr.
Jose E. Ferrer, Jr.
Coral Gables, Florida, United States

Suprazinc70 zinc oxide for animal intestinal protection



Certified Quality

Zinc oxide micro-encapsulated for all productive species

Control of diarrhea, increased immunity and reduction of antibiotics.

Swine diets containing mineral zinc oxide, zinc oxide is added in large quantities because it recombines with amino acids and other substances and 75% if it is lost in the digestive tract and it is excreted, creating pollution and bad smells in the environment. This is why it is required in large quantities by also affects the acidity of the animal stomach and occupies a large space in diet formulation. 

SupraZINC 70

Has been designed to eliminate these problems and simultaneously control diarrhea, increase immunity and reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics in animal rations.

What is  Suprazinc 70: 

Suprazinc 70 is a concentrated form of zinc oxide in a micro-encasulated lipid micro-capsule that protects it as it passes through the stomach, releasing it, slowly, throughout the whole of small intestine, covering all the micro-flora, a distal effect.

- Suprazinc 70 is consumed in its entirety and is not excreted to the outside.

- Suprazinc 70 does not affect the acidity of the stomach of the piglets.

- Suprazinc 70 Eliminates the problems of palatability of zinc oxide.

- Suprazinc 70 reduces the need for antibiotics and growth promoters.

- Suprazinc 70  effect is complete along the small intestine.

- Suprazinc 70- helps in diarrhea control.

- Zinc oxide in Suprazinc 70 IS U.S.P. grade and apt for human consumption.


Zinc dioxide concentration: 685-700 mg / gr.

Particle Size: 500 / 700 microns.


Nutritional supplement.

Packaging and storage

Fiber drums of 50 kg with safety seal and inner poly-ethylene bags.

Store in dry, indoor, closed, and out of sunlight.

Rate of Inclusion

Broilers, layers, breeders and turkeys: 45 gr. / MT of feed.

Pigs: 180 gr / MT of feed.

Beef & Dairy cattle: 2 gr /head / day.

Horses: 1g / head / day

Sheep and other: 200 grams / 125 head / day.

Comparisons of Suprazinc 70 with organic zinc oxide

Differences between the ZnO organic BMIZ

- ZnO: can easily pass (Zn + +)

- Organic Zinc: strong bonds

To obtain any antiviral effect, antibiotic and in the reduction of an excessive immune response (allergies, etc..) In the TGI, Zinc complex must release free ions easily.

Diarrhea in the TGI 

- The main cause of dysfunction such as diarrhea in the GIT is the E. coli K88, K99 etc. 

- E. coli is combined with specific receptors consisting of "Glico" protein "and" Glyco-lipids "in the intestinal surface creating toxicity in epithelial cells under typical conditions. 

Antibacterial Effects of Suprazinc 70

- A high level of inclusion of Zinc (ZnO) decreases the activity of beneficial bacteria [Ole Hojberg et al, 2005].

- SUPRAZINC 70, its low level of inclusion, reduces the activity and quantity of E. coli, increasing the activity and amount of beneficial bacteria in the GIT.

- The Lactobacilli can also bind to specific receptors E. coli in the intestinal surface competitively. Therefore prevents the overgrowth of E. coli in the GIT. [Mathew, 2001]

- Divalent cation zinc ion appears to have affinity with the binding sites of E.colis more than other beneficial microorganisms.

- With this hypothesis, the zinc ion appears to be linked to the glyco-protein and the glyco-lipid preferentially on the intestinal surface with binding sites of E. coli. 

- Then, E. coli can not find a binding site to adhere, penetrate and create toxicity in the tissue in question, then moving to the stool.

- To produce such effects in the GIT, the zinc ion should be released easily in time and place. Therefore, a link too tight in a complex of zinc is not effective, as the case may be chelated minerals. 

Effects of  SUPRAZINC 70  -  Summary

- The glycoprotein, the Glyco-lipids and CAMs are important in SUPRAZINC 70

- SUPRAZINC 70 is competitively bound to these receptors to prevent pathogens to exert their own toxicity in the epithelium.

- SUPRAZINC 70 reduces the activity of E. coli as a pathogen, and increases the activity of beneficial bacteria in the GIT. 

- SUPRAZINC 70 can reduce an excessive immune response such as an allergy induced HABs (anti-nutritional factors).

- SUPRAZINC 70 exceeds the stomach by 100% and starts Zinder ion release at the beginning of the intestine (duodenum). 

Certificate of Analysis

Chemical Name: Zinc oxide micro-encapsulated in lipid capsule. ZnO: 70% (700 g / kg) Lipid capsule: 30% (500 g / kg) (Soybean Oil) Humidity: 1.5%


Zinc - 508 gr / kg Oxygen - 103 gr / kg Vegetable Oil - 389 g / kg


Appearance: Powder, white free-flowing.