Jose E. Ferrer, Jr.
Jose E. Ferrer, Jr.
Coral Gables, Florida, United States

AGRABOND FUZION Natural hepatic stimulant extract for animals


A unique combination of natural extracts with liver stimulant and chemo-adsorption activities.

The performance profitability in farm animals depends upon improved feed conversion efficiency, body weight, absence of diseases and low mortality for which the Liver plays and important role being a vital organ of the system responsible for important functions or hypoactive sluggish liver directly or indirectly affect vital functions and results in poor utilization of nutrients resulting in low productivity, frequent disease outbreaks and finally poor FCR.

AGRABOND FUZION is a poly-modal formulation containing plant compounds, yeast extracts and modified clays. These synergistic actions by virtue of their multifaceted/poly-modal effects produce a Hepatogenerative, Hepatostimulation and finally an anti-hepatotoxic protection against xenobiotics / mycotoxins found in the feed and water.





Triple Fuzion Effect:

1. Chemi-adsorption: Modified Mineral Blend

2. Yeast extract / Probiotics: Organic Binding-Immume Stimulation

3. Herbal Plant Extracts: Hepato - Protector / Re-Generation Detox

Beneficial Effects:

- Potent liver tonic & a Hepato-Protector from feed contaminants / toxins and antibacterials / antibiotics

- Helps in rapid regeneration of the Liver Cell.

- Improves feed utilization / metabolism, which increases FCR and overall performance.

Recommended Dosage: 
Poultry: Pre - starter / starter diets: 350 grams per ton
Pigs: 500 grams per ton

Salmonoids: 500 grams per ton
Shrimps: 500 grams per ton
Tilapias: 500 grams per ton

Dairy Cows: 15 grams per head x day.

Agrabond - Fuzion represents the most innovative poly-modal intervention against actual outbreaks of micotoxicosis threatening the global feed industry. 

Agrabond – Fuzion deals with the problem in an integrated and synergistic manner. Agrabond- Fuzion possesses a multi-strategic / Poly- modal controls intended for micotoxicosis/xenobiotics through:

1. Enzymatic detoxification & biotransformation effect leading to loss of the toxicity of different mycotoxins found in the feed.

2. Reducing Mycotoxin absorption & bioavailability through its unique selective modified adsorptive capacity.

3. Microbial / fungal antagonism that significantly inhibits both growth of the mycotoxigenic fungi (spore vegetation) and reducing their Mycotoxin production. 
Includes in its composition a mix of complex carbohydrates, obtained from the cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae; mannan oligo saccharides (MOS), Beta glucans (1-3 and 1-6 β-glucans), that stimulate the immune system; thus defending the animal from the immune suppression caused by the different mycotoxins/xenobiotics. The MOS and β-Glucans activate the GALT systems and block via macrophages entero- pathogenic bacteria like E. coli, and Salmonella in the digestive tract of the animal.

4. Reduction in Liver toxicity through the action of herbal extracts present in the product. Hepatoprotective / re-generation effect is produced mainly by the antioxidant and free- radical scavenging by the Phenolic- Flavonoid compounds, increasing the innate capacity of the animal to detoxify the toxins and promote elimination.


- Protects the animal against a wide range of mycotoxins /xenobiotics.

- Increases bile flow from the liver to the spleen.

- Improves the hepatic response of animals.

- Improves the immune response of animals.

- Increases the zoo technical productivity of the animal.

- Reduces the presence of mycotoxins in meat, milk and eggs.

- Improvement of the intestinal health. 

- Free of dioxins. 

- It does not have collateral effects and has a high safety profile that needs no withdrawal time.

- It does not adsorb vitamins or other ingredients.

- All the ingredients used in their manufacture are recognized as safe (GRAS) and approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).